Tips for Good Live Lighting

By May 25, 2016 July 6th, 2016 Lighting
LED lighting is idea for events

There’s nothing that can throw off your presentation more than bad lighting. If the presenters are in the dark, your audience will not only be confused, but will quickly lose interest. Ensuring your entire show goes off smoothly and professionally is extremely important when trying to make an impression, so here are some tips for good live lighting to keep in mind for future presentations.


While budget is everything, and keeping in line with a certain amount or expenditure is your goal, ensuring you don’t cheap out on certain things is essential in making the difference for how your presentation is received. We live in a very visual world, and the biggest takeaway that attendees have is the way something looked. Place value on creating and installing a backdrop that is not only attractive and in line with your event’s theme, but that also leverages lighting and video. Keep in mind that many people might be recording your presentation with their phones, and you may have a professional videographer to record the show. You want to ensure that the lighting is great for those live, as well as for those who will be watching online, or at a later time.


With many of us being super concerned about the environment, and the effects our everyday choices are making, consider going with a lighting system that gives you quality, as well as being eco-friendly. LED lighting technology is a friend of the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering costs as well.  Ensuring your audience members hear about the steps you’ve taken to ensure your presentation is as green as possible will help in company promotion as well. Consider going with LED lighting and save the environment as well as money.

Spot Lights

When having multiple speakers, or even just one, a spot light is a great idea. Especially if you are dealing with a large audience, having a spot light on the speaker will enhance the presentation, and provide the right mood to get the point across. The audience’s attention will be drawn towards the light, and their focus will remain on the speaker, rather than other visual distractions in the room. Follow spot lights are perfect for when the speaker moves around, and is even more engaging than when the speaker is standing still for the duration of their speech. The audience’s eyes will follow the speaker under the light, thus creating a more dramatic and effective deliverance.

Special Effects

When considering lighting for a high energy, dramatic performance, consider special effects to play up the mood. Special effects can take a presentation from average to wow, and it’s not that much more work! Audiences want to be entertained just as much as informed, so providing an atmosphere that’s fun and dynamic will go a long way in ensuring your show is remembered and appreciated.

A little bit of lighting can go a long way in taking your event to the next level. These tips for good lighting will set you on the right track. Contact us for more information.