Why the Lights are Important to an Event

By June 30, 2016 July 6th, 2016 LED Technology, Lighting
Coloured spot lights on stage

“Lights, camera, action!” There’s a reason “lights” comes first in this classic film quote. Lights are one of the most important elements at your event, and they go a lot further than you might think. Bad lighting is always remembered, so to provide an atmosphere of fun, good ambiance and focal attention on the presentation, paying mind to your lighting is the way to go. Here is a list of why the lights are important to an event.

  • They can add colour to a primarily beige and neutral toned room
  • Specialized lighting can project your name or company logo on the walls, backdrop or floor
  • Lighting designers can adjust the brightness of the light to provide the right ambiance and tone throughout the event or presentation
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly and can provide you with multiple colours for added dramatic effect
  • Pictures and videos that are being shown will look much more colourful and vibrant with LED lighting
  • Your room will take on a much more sophisticated, professional and high-end look, that was previously only available for exclusive events
  • Spotlight on the speaker, on panelists, facilitators, or on whatever you need to highlight help guests focus and remain engaged
  • Wireless LED lighting allows lights to be placed around the room without no cables or unsightly wires, just an unobtrusive battery pack that is controlled remotely
  • Those conferencing in will have a clear view of the room, enhancing their experience
  • The mood of the event is greatly influenced by lighting – working with your technician, you can determine the mood you want to create and thus a lighting strategy that will achieve that
  • The overall composition of the room can be manipulated by different coloured lights, enhancing the areas you want to be shown with more clarity, and quieting down areas that are not to take the front stage
  • Other aspects of your events, such as floral arrangements, company advertising, decor etc can be enhanced with the right lighting
  • Creating a theme – if your company has specific colours, or if you are planning a wedding or personal event, then the lighting can tie into the theme colours, as otherwise, rented banquet and conference halls are very bland
  • Lighting shows can be created where lighting techniques are used to create fun, flashing, moving lights to grab and hold your guests attention – before an awards ceremony or corporate event, this type of lighting can add an element of fun and excitement for your guests

There are lots of great reasons why the lights are important to an event. Ensuring you make good use of this necessary resource in the right way can really add to your event and keep your guests engaged and happy. Contact us for more information and quotes.