Go Towards the Green Light

By February 16, 2015 April 21st, 2016 LED Technology, Lighting, Meeting Planners


Going green has become a bit of a buzz term– but unlike fads, this is for a good reason! The effects of global warming and the negative impact it has on our planet are finally being acknowledged. Becoming more eco-friendly and having awareness of sustainable products is a trend that we love and are definitely getting behind. Being in the know of what you can do to make your habits greener and minimizing your eco-footprint is beneficial to everyone.

Eco FriendlyNext time you’re planning a meeting or event, outside of basic set-up questions, asking about how big of an environmental impact the equipment has will leave you more informed about your decisions and help you choose the right gear. Here are a couple AV products that have eco-friendlier options.

When it comes to lighting, no one wants to skimp out. It really does set the stage for a presentation or meeting.Lighting can make or break the whole event. That said, lighting is also the biggest consumer of power at an event. How can you ensure that you are getting the effect you want, but at the same time remaining eco-friendly? Companies, us included, are moving towards using more efficient lighting solutions that that maintain the same great output as standard lighting systems.

The use of LED lighting and displays are making a significant difference in the way energy is consumed at events. LED lighting only consumes a fraction of the power of traditional options, like Tungsten lighting. Additionally, LED displays are slim, lightweight, and have a great, modern, edge–to-edge display that allows viewers to watch comfortably from any angle. A display that is great for sustainability measures, in addition to making a presentation clearer, more modern, and well-received by those in the audience, is a win-win for all involved. LEDlights

In addition to LED products being green and maintaining/exceeding the quality we’re used to, another large factor is the amount of money saved. While LED offerings may be more expensive up-front, the long-term benefits of using green products goes a long way in saving the amount spent on energy!

To really have your next meeting or event stand out, choose green solutions and keep everyone happy – including your wallet! Contact us for more information on our greener event solutions.