The Benefits of LG Video Walls for Business

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Video walls are now used to present commercial material across a range of environments. From trade shows to product unveilings, video walls have quickly become one of the best ways to engage audiences and provide comprehensive information in an entertaining format. In this new post, our team explores the value LG video walls can bring to your business and its upcoming events.

Ultra-Thin Bezel

The ultra-thin .044 mm even bezel used within LG video walls makes all content pop on the screen and provides a life-like appeal that will transfix audiences. One of the reasons video walls are used throughout the entertainment industry is that the ultra-thin bezel makes the content appear without any distortions to the original image, helping to completely immerse the audience in the content.

Wider Viewing Angles

Across an environment such as a trade show floor, it often becomes important for businesses to captivate audiences at unique angles to the content. If the content cannot reach this audience, then the value of the screen is limited. However, those using LG video walls for their business can now achieve exceptionally wide viewing angles. The use of the LG IPS panel technology helps ensure content can be viewed more easily from all viewing angles, capturing greater attention at events.

Higher Viewing Angles

The need to present content across higher viewing angles is also critical for many business events. For example, a company unveiling their new product as part of an event at an auditorium will require those in the box seats to have just as good a view of the content as those in the orchestra seating level. The latest video walls from LG present crystal clear content to each member of the audience, with higher viewing angles limiting the distortion to those seeing the content from above.

High Scalability

One of the great advantages of the latest LG video walls is they can give software developers the chance to produce their own content for display at events. The built-in WebOS smart signage platform helps products such as the 55SVH7E execute various tasks at once, ensuring that software teams have complete control over the scale and style of the content showcased. In addition, the content can be produced without the need for an additional media player, simplifying the process of showcasing content for event management teams and those in control of the video wall on event day.

Reduced Image Gap

Perhaps one of the most common gripes associated with video walls is the black lines that separate the various boxes forming the wall. These black lines can interrupt the view of the audience and may take away from the return on investment of the content producer. The latest video walls from LG work to limit this issue with a reduced image gap. Working with an image improvement algorithm reduces the gaps between the tiled displays when video playback is in process. The audience sees a cleaner image that resonates with them.

Consistent Colour Expression

Another common issue associated with video walls is the lack of a uniform and consistent colour throughout the entire display. In some walls, the sides of the tiles bleed colour, which leads to a darker appearance around the edges, and limits the quality of the finished product. But the latest LG video walls are designed for consistent colour expression. The video walls display vivid colours, even in the corner space near the bevels, ensuring that promotional content is crisp, clear, and well-received.

Content Flexibility

One of the reasons many are now choosing LG video walls is that the systems provide true content flexibility. Teams can display various styles of content at the same time on screen. For businesses presenting related content, material such as graphs and charts can be shown alongside video at events to show the progress the company is making within the industry, while also highlighting product features. Companies can also choose to stream content in real-time to their video walls, keeping audiences at the leading edge of developments.

User-Friendly Menus

Presenters operating the video wall have to be given full control at the event. This is achieved by adopting user-friendly menus that can easily be utilized while the event is ongoing. Similar actions are grouped together within the unit so that presenters know where to go within the menus without interrupting the presentation.

Simple Adjustment

A leading challenge for those creating presentations for a large audience is adjusting pictures so the images can be optimized for all viewers. A great advantage of the LG video wall is that the system is designed for simple colour and white balance adjustment. The latest systems allow for full grey-scale level adjustment to the white balance so that colours are blended more effectively within the content.

Why Turn to Freeman AV for LG Video Walls?

It’s clear that LG video walls represent the next innovation in the video presentation marketplace. Our team at Freeman AV are leading this industry and providing our clients across the market with a range of options designed to help respond to their unique demands. Below are several reasons to turn to our company for your LG video walls:

  • Experience

Our experience in the industry means we can provide you with the best video wall system for your event. We can work with you to assess your requirements and choose systems that fit with your event objectives and your budgetary parameters.

  • Technology

Our understanding of the latest technology means you can impress all audiences with the video walls offered through our team. We can help you to set up your displays within any venue and ensure your presenting team has a clear understanding of the technology’s functionality.

  • Support

We’ll be with you throughout your events to support you in using the video wall. If you have any questions about your system’s performance, you can turn to us at any time for answers. It’s a level of support that ensures the success of your events.

To learn more about Freeman AV and our company’s services, call us today.





3 Factors to Consider When Thinking About Audio for Your Next Conference

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There are many variables when it comes to organizing a successful conference, from selecting the right presenters to taking breaks at the right time for networking. When it comes to audio, one of the variables that deserves attention is sound reinforcement. The point of reinforcing or amplifying your presenter’s voice in a ballroom, or any room for that matter, is not just so that he/she can be heard from the front to the back of the room, but more importantly, that he/she is comfortably understood from the front to the back of the room.

In addition to sound reinforcement, sound quality is equally important. This is especially the case if you plan on recording your conference. This documented evidence of your event is likely to be used in the future for promotional videos, training or archived for private or public record.

So when thinking about the type of audio support needed for your event, we encourage you to consider the following three key factors:

  1. Your Purpose

The audio needs for a Town Hall, a sales rally and an awards gala with entertainment are all different. Fail to match the type of meeting with the appropriate audio solution and you could end up with understated audio or audio overkill. For example a meeting with the purpose of imparting new information or learning requires a focus on clarity of speech and equal coverage throughout the room (arguably this should always be the goal). Therefore, the audio system selected should complement the dominant frequency range of the human voice which is generally accepted to be around 300Hz – 3kHz. This is the spot where intelligibility and recognition like to get together and party.

  1. Your Equipment

Once you’ve understood the purpose of your meeting or event, list out your audio needs as this will dictate the equipment required. Use your agenda to visualize the day from your attendee’s and presenter’s points of view. A sound system comprises of four main elements that will work together to capture and amplify sound at your event. They include:

  1. Input devices –wired and or wireless microphones, discussion systems designed for multiple participants and playback devices.
  2. Processing devices –audio mixers and signal processors for adjusting the quality of sound through equalization, compression, feedback suppression, etc. Used skillfully audio processors can eliminate/minimize unwanted echoes, vocal pops, feedback, etc. and aim to control the audio being amplified.
  • Amplification devices – amplifiers to boost the input sound to the loud speakers. This boosting is required regardless of system configuration applied, hence the term ‘sound reinforcement’. Amplifier configurations can either run independent of loudspeakers or they can form part of the loudspeaker itself. In the latter form this is usually indicated by the term ‘powered speaker’.
  1. Output devices –loudspeakers and headphones, depending on how the audience intends to receive the sound.

Depending on the nature of your conference, you may need additional ancillary equipment for recording, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or streaming. This is uniquely beneficial when all attendees or presenters cannot be at the event at the designated place and time.

  1. Your Audio Partner

When the audio fails at event – people notice. And keeping in mind your purpose and equipment, having the right partner’s onsite can make or break the experience you are trying to create. An audio company that takes the time to understand what matters most to you and your brand, is creative in their approach, and has the experience to troubleshoot, are always worth more in the long run. Consulting with your sound/audiovisual company early on in the process will ensure that the event space you have selected is suitable for the type of audio-visual support your event will need. For example, low ceilings, pillars, rigging points, built-in counters, big windows, proximity to other meetings on the day, power distribution and other factors can dramatically affect the setup of your audio equipment, your budget and ultimately the intended experience of your presenters and attendees.  Ultimately your audio engineer’s efforts towards achieving great sound on your event are governed by the laws of physics, not magic, and takes years of training, experience on show sites, and continued learning to master these skills.

Focusing on your event purpose, understanding the equipment you need, and selecting the right audio partner, are three ways to guarantee exceptional sound at your event. And remember, a good sound engineer is ALWAYS listening.

For more information, contact the Freeman Audio Visual Canada team today.

Rene Barrow
Freeman Audio Visual Canada, Account Executive

Joining Freeman in 2009, René Barrow brings nearly 20 years’ experience of customer relationship management experience in the banking industry and 13 years’ experience as a technician in the performing arts. His extensive expertise and positive approach means that clients never have to worry about their audiovisual solutions when René is in charge.

'The Tech Side of New York Comic Con' with Projection, Lights and Staging News

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comiccon ny

Kyle Gaul, technical director for New York Comic Con and director of technology for Freeman Audio Visual south of the border, shares a behind-the-scenes look at the logistics, audio, video, cable, lighting  and crew that work together to assemble and execute New York Comic Con, the largest comic convention in North America.

Read the article in Projection, Lights and Staging News.



Technology Update: Creative Services Broadcasts Live from the NAB Show

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*La version française suit le message anglais.

Members of the Freeman Audio Visual Canada Creative Services team flew south to Las Vegas last month to attend the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. The tradeshow attracts nearly 100,000 attendees from around the world representing the broadcast, digital media, film, entertainment, telecom industries and more.

What happened in Vegas certainly didn’t stay there, as Creative Services documented the latest technology trends displayed on the show floor in this short video report. Enjoy!

Mise à jour sur la technologie : Les Services créatifs diffusent en direct du NAB Show

Des membres de l’équipe des Services créatifs de Freeman audiovisuel Canada se sont rendus à Las Vegas le mois dernier pour assister au salon annuel de la National Association of Broadcasters. L’événement a attiré des quatre coins du globe près de 100 000 personnes actives dans les domaines de la diffusion, des médias numériques, du cinéma, du divertissement, des télécommunications et plus encore.

Ce qui s’est passé à Vegas n’est pas resté à Vegas toutefois, car les Services créatifs ont documenté les nouvelles tendances technologiques vues au salon dans cette courte vidéo. Jetez-y un coup d’œil !

What You Need to Plan an Event

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event planning


The job of an event planner has many opportunities for fun, sociability and creativity. While this may be true, a lot of little things go into event planning that are not noticed by those attending, but are crucial in making or breaking an event. If you’re new to event planning or have received the responsibility of putting together your company’s next meeting, we’re here to help ease some of your concerns. Whether you’re putting together a press conference, product launch, sales meeting, awards ceremony, or company-wide meeting, here’s a quick guide of the technical side of meeting planning, so you can focus on the fun stuff!

When planning your event, whether it’s small-scale or large, having visual stimulation that compliments your company’s brand and makes a lasting impression is key. Think about creating a backdrop that draws attention to your speakers and looks great for photos. Custom sets are definitely a good option, depending on your time constraints. They help tie the theme of the event together and generate excitement amongst those attending.

Based on the nature of your event, video could be something required, or a great added plus. For pre-event promotion, on-site presentations and archived content, video serves a great purpose. Ensuring your videographer is of high quality and professionalism is important, as the after-experience is just as meaningful as what happens during the event. Having the option to choose from different digital video recording formats is helpful and saves you time after the event.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. To make speakers the main focal point, produce better-quality photos and videos, and create the right atmosphere, lighting is a main component. Having the choice of different lighting systems, from environmentally-friendly to coloured and moving options, set the tone for your event.

Live events can be broadcasted to any corner of the world, and your audience reach can be that much bigger with webcasting. Keeping this in mind, choose a webcaster that can give you the optimal viewing capability for your needs, as you want your event to go smoothly for those seated in front of you, as well as those on a computer or mobile device.

Projection is just as important as lighting when it comes to a live event. Your entire presentation must be visible to those in the audience, and having a projection screen that allows for maximum viewing is essential and can add great stimulation to the crowd. Think about graphics, animations, and video clips to ensure your message is put across in the best way possible.

Freeman Audio Visual Canada has all the solutions you need in order to pull off a fantastic event. Contact us for quotes, information, or ideas on how to create your best event yet.

Make Your Next Event Unreal With ImaginAction

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What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. – Morpheus, The Matrix (via IMDB)

With the explosive popularity of immersive technology like Oculus Rift, the line between the physical and the digital world is being blurred more and more all the time.


Freeman Audio Visual‘s ImaginAction is the latest in multi-display technology, giving your presentations maximum impact through impact and dimension.

How does it work?

ImaginAction uses wide, multi-screen displays to encompass your audience’s peripheral vision and immerse them in your presentation. Rich, extreme-resolution images add to the impact and sense of interactivity.

How can I use it for my event?

ImaginAction allows you to take your audience anywhere in the world, and therefore the applications are only limited by your imagination.

As a dynamic backdrop or virtual set, it allows you to create and change any atmosphere or mood, as well as communicate key messaging. Set pieces can be enhanced with a video backdrop for added depth.

Isn’t it complicated?

Not for you! With ImaginAction, your multi-media presentation is pre-programmed, and runs on a timeline, meaning there’s no chance of miscues.

The technology synchronizes with lighting and other effects, such as fog or snow machines. Live speakers can even be keyed in on-screen over a background. Not only will your presentations be more compelling than ever, they’ll be flawless and stress-free.

And of course–we’re here to help. Our involvement can range from programming a presentation and operating the system for you, to creating and producing the content for the entire presentation.

Contact Us

Interested in bringing the power of immersion to your next presentation? Contact us at 1.800.868.6886 or online to discuss how we can make ImaginAction work for you.

Communicating with Video: Webcasting for nationwide reach… and beyond!

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For Freeman Audio Visual Canada, consistency in communication to our 600-plus employees across the country is mission-critical to our company’s success. However, quarterly face-to-face meetings are not always the most practical or cost-effective method of information distribution. Live webcasting is the simple solution we use to broadcast important updates, like new product demos, to employees at each of our 15 branches, as well as offsite staff, simultaneously.

The hosts of our recent September Product Day Webcast were filmed sitting at boardroom table inside our Toronto office with a basic drapery in the background. Utilizing our partner’s, Videoconference Solutions Inc., content distribution network (CDN), we opted for a single-window HD webcast using a switcher to overlay images of the presenters onto presentation slides (also known as picture-in-picture or PiP).

The benefit of a single-window webcast is that the footage can easily be posted to YouTube or Vimeo after the event. Meanwhile, at our offices, employees gathered at central locations to watch the webcast so that bandwidth use was minimal. An archived version is now available for future viewing by employees at their convenience.


La communication à l’ère de la vidéo : Webdiffusion

product day webcast clip

Pour Freeman audiovisuel Canada, maintenir des communications cohérentes avec tous nos employés — nous sommes plus de 600 au pays — est essentiel au succès de l’entreprise. Toutefois, les réunions trimestrielles en personne ne sont pas toujours le moyen le plus pratique ni le plus économique de transmettre de l’information. La webdiffusion en direct constitue une solution simple que nous utilisons pour tenir les employés de chacune de nos 15 succursales et le personnel hors site au courant des nouveautés importantes, comme les démonstrations de nouveaux produits. Les hôtes de notre récente webdiffusion du Jour du produit de septembre ont été filmés, assis autour d’une table de conférence à notre bureau de Toronto, avec un drapé classique à l’arrière-plan. Utilisant le réseau de distribution de contenu de notre partenaire, Videoconference Solutions Inc., nous avons opté pour une webdiffusion à une seule fenêtre HD avec un commutateur pour superposer les images des présentateurs sur les diapositives de la présentation (technique image sur image). L’avantage d’une webdiffusion à une seule fenêtre réside essentiellement dans la facilité de diffuser l’enregistrement sur YouTube ou Vimeo après l’événement. Au moment de la diffusion, dans chacun de nos bureaux, nos employés se sont regroupés à un seul endroit pour visionner le vidéoclip afin de réduire au minimum l’utilisation de la bande passante. Une version archivée de cette vidéo peut maintenant être visionnée par nos employés au moment qui leur convient.