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7 Popular Event Trends We Saw This Summer

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One part of the hysteria surrounding summer is the excitement that comes with its sun-soaked events – low necklines and cold drinks, dancing outside, and enjoying the hazy days of summer with friends and family.

Everything is better in the summer heat, and every year, event planners aim to make their event the talk of the season. The summer represents a great opportunity to stage an event, with it being one of the most lucrative seasons for professional event planners.

Event attendees – especially those who are accustomed to high-budget corporate events – won’t be wooed by the same gimmicks as last year. It may come as a surprise to those who aren’t in the business of planning amazing events, but there are trends that are ushered in each summer that can take an event from same-old to never-be-the-same-again.

It’s all about differentiation and making your event stand out in the minds of your guests. It’s about finding ways to bring people together, fostering connections, and making everything a bit more efficient to set-up and tear down. Here are seven summer event trends we’ve seen this summer that take events to the next level and impress guests with thoughtful ingenuity.

  1. Technology (Apps, Live Streaming, Live SM Interaction)

It’s hardly news at this point; people are plugged in. Over 90% of North Americans own smartphones and are on them for multiple hours a day. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with guests and have them put their cell phones to good use.

Specialized event apps are amazing for large events that span a day or more, especially when multiple locations, speakers, and itineraries are involved. For a sprawling corporate event with several types of speakers and seminars, it can help to have an app developed that is specific to your event for widespread download.

Encourage your guests to live tweet and post with personalized event hashtags. Modern weddings often combine the last names of the spouses-to-be, allowing everyone who posts to look up each other’s photos and moments easily. Live streaming your event will let those who couldn’t be there feel included. It’s an extension of hospitality that will truly add a caring and trendy touch.

  1. Drone Videos

We all know someone with a drone, and they’re amazing for capturing aerial video. If your summer event is being held in a beautiful outdoor space, capture its magnificence with drone video. You’ll get a beautiful perspective you never thought you’d see, and it makes for great content in a post-event video for attendees to look back on after your event is over.

  1. Non-Traditional Spaces

Barns, warehouses, factories; don’t limit yourself to traditional event venues. Non-traditional spaces offer different pricing than conference centres or banquet halls, have enormous capacity, and have interesting interior elements. Exposed bricks, metal beams, thirty-foot ceilings – your guests will be wowed by your event as soon as they arrive.

  1. Memorable Bars

One of the best parts of any event is the food and beverage. Go the extra mile and create a memorable bar setting. Great drinks are a given, but the bar area itself is a spot where people gather, laugh a little harder, and find the courage to connect with strangers. Up your hosting game from a traditional bar to make your guests feel like they’re at a truly all-out event.

  1. Food Trends on Point

Next to the drinks is the food. If you have mediocre food, often that’s what people will remember about your event. Amazing food will have your guests on cloud nine, pleasing their inner foodies and appreciating your attention to culinary detail.

Donut walls and live cooking are two food trends that are catching on. People also appreciate plant-based, healthy options as more and more folks develop open minds to different diet preferences.

  1. Bring the Dancers

It isn’t a party until there’s dancing! Exploring entertaining with acrobatic tricks and aerial arts, it’s like having a free show alongside your gathering. Your guests will feel so much more inspired to dance when they see the professionals joyously busting out their moves.

  1. Bold Yet Classic Colours

2018 has been a year of experimentation as well as a year of returning to traditional roots, and colour and design schemes are reflecting this. The need to be modern has fallen away and classically beautiful colour combinations are proving to be classics for a reason. It’s always a good thing to give your colour scheme a slight edge, a personal touch that reflects you.

Summer Filippopoulos
Freeman Audio Visual Canada, Sales Manager

Top Six Holiday Event Budgeting Tips

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*La version française suit le message anglais.

The weeks leading up to the holidays can be stressful. On top of family obligations, manic mall madness, and the pile of gifts still left to be wrapped in your closet, you’ve now been tasked with coordinating your organization’s holiday party with just the right balance of thrift and thrill.

Does the pressure have you feeling less than festive? Let us check that last task off your knotty list with our Top Six Holiday Event Budgeting Tips.

1. Make a Budget & Check it Twice. First things first, determine how much you have to spend and what your event objectives are, and then allocate your funds accordingly. Be sure to document your budget and check it often to make sure you’re fulfilling the priorities you set.

2. Use Digital Party Invites. The days of paper invitations are long gone—not only are they costly for your pocketbook; they’re bad for the environment. Search online for a number of free e-vite templates.

3. Trim the Excess with an Accurate Headcount. Send invites out early, give several reminders and set a definitive RSVP date. Once you know how many people are attending, you can properly plan all other details, like venue size and meal requirements.

4. Abandon the Band & Ditch the DJ. Create a playlist of the most rockin’ holiday tunes and top 40 hits on your mobile device and connect it the sound system for free, toe-tappin’ entertainment.

5. Consider Holding Your Event in the Offseason. Delay the festivities just a few weeks, call it a New Year’s Kick Off party, and save some cash. It’s cheaper to rent space in most venues just after the holidays, in January and February.

6. Consult Your AV Partner at the Beginning of Your Planning Process. Lighting, audio, projection, video services and internet access will make a huge impact on you event experience, but if you’re not careful, they can also make a sizable impact on your wallet. Involve your technology provider in the early planning stages, be realistic about the environment you hope to achieve and the funds you have to work with, and your technologist will collaborate with you to customize an experience design based on your needs.

For a free, no-commitment consultation to customize our event services to your holiday party objectives and budget, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Les semaines avant la période des fêtes sont synonymes de stress. En plus de vos obligations familiales, du marathon de magasinage et de la pile de cadeaux que vous aurez à emballer, voici que le patron vous demande d’organiser les célébrations en trouvant le juste milieu entre bombance et bon sens.

La pression fait baisser votre envie de fêter ? Laissez-nous vous remonter le moral avec nos six astuces pour budgéter une fête de fin d’année.

1. Faites un budget et vérifiez-le deux fois. Tout d’abord, déterminez combien vous pouvez dépenser et quels sont les objectifs de l’événement, puis répartissez les sommes en conséquence. Assurez-vous de valider votre budget et d’y revenir souvent pour vérifier que vous respectez vos priorités.

2. Envoyez des invitations électroniques. Les invitations imprimées sont dépassées. Non seulement elles sont coûteuses, mais elles ne sont pas écologiques. Faites une recherche en ligne pour trouver des modèles d’invitations électroniques gratuits.

3. Évitez les débordements en faisant un décompte précis. Envoyez vos invitations tôt, faites plusieurs rappels et donnez une date limite de réservation très ferme. Lorsque vous saurez combien de personnes participeront, vous pourrez finaliser le reste, comme la grandeur de la salle et le traiteur.

4. Oubliez l’orchestre et le DJ. Créez une liste de lecture des meilleures chansons de Noël et des plus récents succès sur votre appareil mobile et branchez-le sur la chaîne audio pour faire lever la soirée.

5. Envisagez de tenir votre événement après la saison des fêtes. Retardez les festivités de quelques semaines, appelez ça une fête du Nouvel An et économisez. La location de salle sera moins chère en basse saison, en janvier ou en février.

6. Consultez votre fournisseur de technologies au début du processus. L’éclairage, le son, les services de vidéo et de projection, l’accès Internet auront beaucoup d’impact sur votre soirée, mais si vous n’êtes pas prudent, ils auront aussi un gros impact sur votre budget. En consultant votre fournisseur dès le début, vous pourrez concevoir de manière réaliste l’environnement que vous désirez tout en tenant compte des moyens dont vous disposez. Votre technologue collaborera avec vous pour adapter un concept expérientiel à vos besoins.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour obtenir une consultation gratuite et sans engagement pour voir comment nos services d’événement peuvent personnaliser votre fête de fin d’année tout en respectant vos objectifs ainsi que votre budget. .

Tips on Creating a Professional Meeting Environment for Your Presentation

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You have the content, the venue, and the team, but you’re struggling with ensuring your presentation comes off as professional and well put together. Holding meetings that engage, educate, and embody your company’s brand is essential in creating a strong first impression and a lasting relationship with your clients. Freeman Audio Visual has lots of tools available to help you create a professional meeting environment, and thus, ensure you make the most of your scheduled meeting time.

While the basics may be in place, we can help you clean up the edges and create a sharper, more professional look to your entire presentation. Keeping on theme but also adding slight touches always goes a lot further in impressing your audience. In regards to your screen, adding picture-frame style screen surrounds enhance basic screens, making them look more polished. For more enhancements, our self-supporting column structures with simple LED fixtures can add a little extra to your presentation, with customizable lighting to enhance themes. For a more personal touch, custom printed logo inserts into our VH-1 style lecterns and lighting of drapery lines with LED lights can easily be installed and controlled. Light up your presentation, and make it stand out.


Follow basic rules of thumb to create a professional presentation. Keep these things in mind and see the difference in your meeting. While technical knowledge and understanding might not come easily to everyone, we can provide the support you need to make your presentation as smooth as possible. One of the most important aspects of a presentation, outside of aesthetics, is sound. Poor sound will basically negate all the hard work you’ve put in, so to avoid such a situation, ensure you have your sound figured out prior to the day of the meeting. If you’re unsure of when to use the house sound versus independent, first thing you should do is test the system. Also, to be safe and as a general rule of thumb, if there are multiple wireless microphones or if there will be music playing in the background, go with independent sound to ensure you get the best quality and support without glitches.

If you are unsure about how to choose a meeting room that is right for your presentation, some basic guidelines will help. Of course, ensuring the room is large enough for your expected number of attendees is standard practice; however, keep in mind that you must account for AV equipment which can take up to 15% of the room space – so plan accordingly. Pillars and chandeliers can add aesthetic appeal, and might even fall into your theme; however, they also take up quite a bit of space and need to have projection screens strategically positioned to allow for optimal viewing. In regards to AV equipment, square-shaped rooms work the best with the equipment, so look for something angular versus curved walls, despite how cool they look.

Clear as mud? No worries – Freeman Audio Visual is here to assist you as much or little as you need. Contact us for more information.

Mobilier pour mise en scène : Nous pouvons transformer vos rêves scéniques en réalité!

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Saviez-vous que Freeman audiovisuel peut vous fournir des meubles pour divers types de présentation? Nous disposons d’un large éventail de tables différentes pour des réunions annuelles, des présentations techniques ou des discussions autour d’une table ronde.

Le Set Shop (une division de charpenterie scénique de Freeman audiovisuel située à Toronto) a les compétences et le talent nécessaires pour fabriquer des tables et des lutrins sur mesure pour répondre à vos besoins précis. La plupart des modèles peuvent être personnalisés de façon économique, avec le logo de l’entreprise ou le thème de la conférence.

Vous avez besoin d’un lutrin doté d’un podium fait avec des tonneaux? Peut-être avez-vous besoin d’une table modulaire pour tenir des discussions dans le cadre d’une conférence? Ou vous faut-il un meuble d’une marque précise pour un disc-jockey?

Certaines tables de présentation possèdent des réglettes d’éclairage contrôlées à l’aide d’un DMX qui peuvent impressionner un auditoire avec leurs effets colorés. Les plus grandes tables sont fabriquées avec des composants modulaires afin qu’elles puissent être démontées pour faciliter le transport.


Les services du Set Shop sont offerts partout en Amérique du Nord, à des prix abordables. Freeman audiovisuel travaillera dans les limites de votre budget, que ce soit pour adapter des éléments existants à vos besoins précis ou pour concevoir un lutrin de présentation personnalisé compatible avec vos ordinateurs de présentation dans le cadre d’une tournée comprenant de nombreuses villes. Consultez le gestionnaire de comptes de Freeman audiovisuel de votre région ou cliquez ici pour savoir comment nous pouvons monter la scène idéale pour votre prochain événement.

Staging Furniture: If You Can Dream It, We Can Scene It!

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Did you know that Freeman Audio Visual can offer your meeting specialized furniture for various types of presentations? We offer a number of in-stock tables in a wide array of designs for annual meetings, technical presentations and round-table discussions.

The Set Shop—Freeman Audio Visual’s scenic carpentry division based in Toronto—has the skill and talent to construct custom tables and lecterns to your specific needs and designs. Most can be customized economically with corporate logos or conference themes.

Need a lectern with a wine barrel base? Perhaps, you can use a modular sectional table for conference discussions? Or maybe a brand-specific counter for a DJ is what you’re looking for?

Some presentation tables feature DMX-controlled lighting strips that can dazzle a crowd with colourful lighting effects. Larger tables are constructed with modular components so they can be disassembled for easier transport.


The Set Shop services are available throughout North America and completely affordable.  Freeman Audio Visual will work within your budget to adapt existing pieces to meet your specific needs, or build a customized presentation lectern configured with your presentation computers for a multi-city road tour. Consult your Freeman Audio Visual Account Executive or click here to find how we can set the perfect scene for your next event.

Event Staging: InterContinental Hotels Group Leadership Conference

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*La version française suit le message anglais.

The Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) Leadership Conference provides insight to stakeholders about the direction of the company and the different IHG brands. To achieve the precise look and feel desired for their conference environment, IHG sat down and collaborated with Freeman Audio Visual’s Set Shop artists to help in the design process. IHG’s vision was conceived using a custom hard wall set which spanned the entire front wall of the meeting room. Embedded in the wall were two screens, a stage area for presenters and a curved banner including logos for the various hotels within the chain positioned over top of the presentation area. A stage wash, two moving lights and 22 LED lights provided the finishing touches to IHG’s event setting.


Mise en place d’événements : Conférence InterContinental Hotels Group Leadership

La conférence InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) Leadership a pour objet d’informer les intervenants au sujet du développement de l’entreprise et des différentes marques IHG. Pour obtenir la présentation précise et désirée de leur conférence, IHG a rencontré les artistes du Set Shop de Freeman audiovisuel en vue de collaborer au processus de la conception. La vision de IHG a été conçue en utilisant un modulaire sur mesure qui étalait complètement le mur de façade de la salle de réunion. Deux écrans étaient encastrés dans le mur, un emplacement était dédié pour les présentateurs, et une bannière courbée affichant les logos des différents hôtels de la chaîne hôtelière était positionnée au-dessus de l’espace réservée aux présentations. Une scène baignée de lumière, deux luminaires mobiles et 22 luminaires à DEL ont apporté la touche finale de la mise en scène de l’évènement de l’IHG.

The Leacock Foundation’s Great Fundraising Debate

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Founded by Peter Oliver, a partner of Oliver & Bonacini Events, The Leacock Foundation works to inspire and empower youth in need through literacy and leadership opportunities. The 15th Annual Leacock Debate at Arcadian Court was a fundraising event in which The Honourable Bob Rae moderated a witty, humorous discussion between esteemed journalists/writers whose objevtive was to determine whether truth is stranger than fiction. Oliver’s vision for the event was an intimate, classy environment that drew the attendees’ attention to the stage. Freeman Audio Visual’s Set Shop designed a stage set that had the look and feel of a contemporary home living room.

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Staging Furniture: If You Can Dream It, We Can Scene It!

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Did you know that AVW-TELAV can offer your meeting specialized furniture for various types of presentations? We offer a number of in-stock tables in a wide array of designs for annual meetings, technical presentations and round-table discussions.

The Set Shop—AVW-TELAV’s scenic carpentry division based in Toronto—has the skill and talent to construct custom tables and lecterns to your specific needs and designs. Most can be customized economically with corporate logos or conference themes.

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