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Insight, Innovate, Inform: Sharp’s AV presents #i3 at Vancouver Convention Centre on Feb. 26

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i3 is a FREE event that offers an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of the dynamic changes in today’s technologies.

If you are in Executive Leadership, Management, or are a Support stakeholder in shifting technology, then this event is an opportunity for you to redefine and support a modern work environment.

If you are in the fields of…

~Information Technology ~Facilities Management

~Real Estate ~HR ~Training and Education

~Corporate Communications ~Architecture & Interior Design

…then you have the opportunity to gain unparalleled insight by attending this event.

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Effective today, AVW-TELAV no longer offers system design & integration services & equipment sales

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Thank you for choosing AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions. Effective February 1, 2012, AVW-TELAV will no longer offer system design and integration services and equipment sales.

To better meet the needs of our customers, we have exchanged the assets of our System Design and Integration business with Sharp’s Audio Visual for the assets of Sharp’s Rentals and Event Staging division.

As our business model is primarily based on the rental, event staging and facility business, and Sharp’s primary business model is focused on system design and integration, we are confident that this exchange will benefit our customers with more comprehensive services, greater innovation, and a customer experience that is second to none.

Please contact Sharp’s Audio Visual for all of your permanent AV needs at, 1-800-491-1121, or visit

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Special Announcement: AVW-TELAV & Sharp’s Audio Visual Exchange Assets

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Toronto, ON AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions and Sharp’s Audio Visual are pleased to announce that the two companies have recently signed an agreement to exchange the assets of AVW-TELAV’S SDI (System Design & Integration) business and some of the assets of AVW-TELAV’s Videoscope business to Sharp’s Audio Visual; and exchange the assets of Sharp’s Audio Visual Rental and Staging and Videoscope’s Rental and Staging to AVW-TELAV.

“AVW-TELAV’s business model is primarily based on the rental, event staging and facility business,” said AVW-TELAV’s President Johanne Bélanger. “Sharp’s Audio Visual’s primary business model is based on the system integration model,” said Sharp’s President and CEO Jeff Faber.  Both organizations grew successful businesses using these respective models, so it is a sound business decision that the skills in each of the two competencies will strategically ensure customers are properly serviced by AVW-TELAV’s and Sharp’s Audio Visual’s respective areas of strength.”

The entire AVW-TELAV SDI division and Videoscope’s system design & integration, technical support services, production, and recording media business areas will be integrated into Sharp’s Audio Visual.  The entire Sharp’s Rental and Staging division, as well as Videoscope’s Rental and Staging division, will be integrated into AVW-TELAV. “This speaks to the core competencies of each group.  This also means that we will no longer go to market using the Videoscope brand,” said Bélanger.

Both organizations are leading examples of providing excellent customer service and focusing on innovation and creativity. This is the foundation on which the respective organizations were built. “We believe that this asset exchange will create more growth opportunity for each line of business because the business models of each group have business processes and customer delivery goals that are aligned to each of their areas of focus,” said Faber.  And Bélanger added, “These growth opportunities also translate into great opportunities for our employees.”

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Distance Communications for a Global Enterprise

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GEA Aerofreeze Systems Inc. employees no longer have to hop on a plane to work cooperatively across continents. They have discovered that real-time visual communication offers the means for instant face-to-face dialogue, builds trust and team cooperation, and allows for more information to be conveyed in a shorter time frame. More importantly, problems can be understood more quickly, and their team members can address virtually any situation without having to actually be there in person.

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Installation Case Studies: International Centre

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The International Centre had utilized AVW-TELAV as its recommended supplier for many years in the past, for specific events whenever the need arose. However, as they approached the construction of a new landmark conference centre space for the facility, they determined it was important to formalize an agreement with an AV provider.

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System Design and Integration: Cutting-Edge Technology Increases Comfort at Centurion Dental Clinics

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Calm and comfortable at the dentist’s office? Yes, it is attainable. Centurion Dental Clinics provide a comprehensive mix of highly experienced dentists with a network of cutting-edge dental practices to provide unsurpassed patient care and comfort. Centurion is committed to the continuous incorporation of the latest technology, introduction of new techniques, excellence in oral health care, and continued growth of the practice.

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