Empathy, Emotion and Technology with Purpose…For the Win!

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A Look at the 2019 Edition of South by Southwest in Austin, Texas

When people hear South By Southwest mentioned, they typically think of the music festival founded in 1987, however over its 30+ years, it has grown to encompass many more attractions than just the grass-roots music festival that it was once intended to be. Also known as “South By,” SXSW now includes an interactive media conference, a huge variety of education sessions and music, gaming and film festivals. Lasting for almost 3 weeks, South By sees nearly 80,000 people attend the various conferences and festivals, also bringing nearly $350 million dollars of economic impact to Austin, Texas.

Several members of our Freeman AV Canada team traveled down to Austin, Texas in March to see what South By had to offer, and here are some key things that stood out!

Focused on Improving the Attendee Experience

As conventions and festivals grow in size they often develop a detached feeling for the individual attendee, and rightfully so; how do you create an individual and personal experience for each person when dealing with 80,000+ attendees?

South By has employed several empathy tactics to help connect with attendees on a personal level. Creating spaces such as a Wellness Areas, focusing on attendee’s safety through the use of holding graphics in sessions and implementing live breakout room capacity monitoring via public boards and the conference app are all fantastic ways to show your attendees that you really are thinking about their experience.

The Future Understands You 

Several major technology players including LG and Sony were showcasing futuristic concepts that can actually understand what you are feeling. Whether it is small robots that greet you while reading your facial expressions to understand your needs, or a mini robot dog that can really tug on our need for companionship and do it strategically 😉, it’s all exciting to us! Then we got thinking, and these questions arose:

  • What will this mean for events of the future?
  • Will we have event signage that customizes messages based on your feelings and needs?
  • Will we have event experiences that change based on the collective heart rate of the audience?
  • Can you imagine the possibilities?

Let us know how you see this fitting into your event!

Something For Everyone 

South By can certainly say they have something for everyone, with nearly 300 sessions per day, variety is in no short supply. Fortunately, the conference app allows you to search by things like interests to help focus on what applies directly to you. Smart event planning also meant that most sessions in the same track resided in the same or adjacent venues. This allowed you to maximize your time especially when sessions are held in basically every venue in the city. Some of the key tracks that our team focused on where: Cities, Government & Politics, Coding & Development, Design, Experiential Storytelling, Food, Game Design & Development, Intelligent Future, Social & Global Impact, Tech Industry & Enterprise, Touring & Live Experience and VR/AR/MR.

Standing Out – Brands Creating Their Own Spaces

Major brands are always looking for that way to make them stand out from the crowd. Over the last several years the tool for this has been activations, and South By was no exception to this. From shipping container structures, to bars completely transformed into a brand experience space – these installations truly do provide a unique personalized experience that focus directly on the brands defining traits and characteristics.

Some highlights for our team were the Dell installation at a bar across the street from the Austin Convention Centre, featuring an outdoor main stage and an indoor Dell feature tour showcasing some of their key technologies.

LG also made a big splash at South By, but perhaps we won’t see the ripple from the splash for a few years as their activation was VERY future focused. Robots that know your feelings, roll-up LED displays, ice cream/frozen yogurt capsule machines and even capsule based home breweries; LG certainly took us for a quick ride in a time machine to the maybe not so distant future. We even noticed several brands create impactful, personal activations right in the convention space and we see this as a great opportunity for a lot of our corporate clients looking to get a personalized message across to their attendees in a more personalized manner than typical plenary setups can offer.

DELL Technologies Activation

LG Electronics Activation

The common threads of Empathy, Emotion, Personalized Experience and Technology with a Purpose were evident in all aspects of this show. What can you do to create a more personalized experience within your next event? Understanding who comes to your event and why they are there are key factors to help you tailor your event to meet your attendees needs and wants. Taking the time to plan out the details, brainstorm them with your colleagues and/or industry partners will help you focus on what’s important. Creating those personalized experiences provides better value and meaningful interactions from live events for your attendees. So we ask you, “are you helping connect people in meaningful ways?”

Brian Johnston
Freeman Audio Visual Canada
National Director, Creative Innovation

Choosing the Best Sound System for your Event

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Choosing the Best Sound System for your Event

You could have the best written speech in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one can hear it. Without a reliable sound system, your audience can not hear, and your message will fall flat.

If you want to plan a truly exceptional corporate event, you’ll need a sound system that can keep up with the job. Here’s our guide on choosing the best sound system for your event!

A Public Address System (PA system), is comprised of many parts, starting from what goes into the PA, to what comes out of it. Having the right equipment in place will help you get your message out to the masses.

Let’s work our way through the system:


You will need to make sure that you have the right microphone in place for your presenter. The microphone takes the sound in the air and coverts it into an electrical signal that can be used throughout your PA system. There are many types of microphones that are designed to do this.

If your presenter likes to move around on stage, you will want to have a wireless microphone at hand. These typically come with either a Wireless Handheld Microphone (which as the name suggests would be held by the speaker), or the more popular choice would be the Wireless Lavaliere (or Lapel) Microphone.  With the lavaliere, the presenter is free to move around and free up their hands so that they can easily make gestures, or hold an object that they wish to show the audience without fumbling around.

Should they wish to just stay at the lectern, then a well-placed lectern microphone will be sufficient.

Now that you have the microphone in place, it is important to give your presenter some basic instruction on its proper use.  You could have the biggest PA system in the world, and the best sound technician in the world, but if the presenter is not talking properly into the microphone, or it is not placed properly, no one is going to hear them.

Another element of your system would be that if you are planning to have any video playback, either from dedicated devices, or if you have videos embedded in your presentations that all of these devices will need direct boxesso that the computers can interface with the system properly. It is important that you let your technology provider know, so that they can make sure that they have an audio console that has enough inputs available for all of your devices.


Now that you have all of your inputs figured out, it is time to figure out the size of the PA that you need to have so that your message can be heard.

The size and placement of you system can vary from event to event. What works for a small audience of 10, doesn’t work for an audience of 2000. People are great absorbers of sound! Couple that with natural sounds coming from your audiences’ side conversations and clanking dishes, and you will need to make sure that your system gets out over the voices. One voice can be louder than 2000 voices with the right system in place.

That’s why it is best to speak with your audio professional, so that they can make sure that your message is heard by everyone at your event.

To learn more about how to bring the right sound to your event, call Freeman AV at 1-800-868-6886 or contact us here.

Jason Tobin
Freeman Audio Visual Canada
National Audio Services Director

Industry Leader Krista Cameron Joins Freeman Audio Visual Canada as Business Development Director

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Industry Leader Krista Cameron Joins Freeman Audio Visual Canada as Business Development Director

Cameron’s leadership, creativity, and passion will enable Freeman Audio Visual Canada to further their growth in the marketplace

TORONTO, Friday, January 25, 2019 – Freeman Audio Visual Canada is excited to announce that Krista Cameron will be joining the company as Business Development Director as of February 19, 2019. In this new position, Cameron’s responsibilities will include expanding Freeman AV Canada’s portfolio in the Canadian corporate and association marketplaces, fostering client relationships, and representing the organization at industry events

“Krista is a proven leader and industry veteran who will playing a key role in developing our Canadian growth strategy as we continue our evolution in the marketplace,” said Jay Lanchbury, Vice President Client Solutions. “Her exceptional client relationship skills, creativity and passion for both people and our industry will be extraordinary assets to the team.”

Cameron brings to Freeman over 20 years of leadership experience in the meetings and events industry including her destination participation in up to 25 national and international shows annually. Cameron has actively engaged in the industry by sitting on numerous committees, was inducted into the M&IT Hall of Fame as Industry Mentor, and serves on the Professional Convention Management Association’s Board of Directors for the Canada East Chapter as Co-Chair of the Canadian Innovation Conference. Most recently, she was the Director of Sales at Destination St. John’s for 10 years.

“Krista is a celebrated dynamic leader in the industry who takes a hands-on approach with her clients,” said David Campbell, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Freeman Audio Visual Canada. “We are thrilled to bring this industry ‘rock star’ to the team and are so excited to watch her accomplish amazing things in this role.”

About Freeman Audio Visual Canada

As part of the world’s largest brand experience organization, Freeman Audio Visual Canada (Freeman) uses the power of technology to make meaningful connections with a multitude of audiences through the production of meetings, conventions, special events and trade shows. Freeman provides a full range of services to support the way audiences engage with content as the landscape continues to change. Freeman has a deep, rich history of success and has received numerous awards recognizing its outstanding performance in technical, staging, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, customer service excellence and partnerships. Together with its customers and partners, Freeman will continue to serve clients throughout North America and the rest of the world through its growing global network. For more information, visit


For more information, contact:

Jenna West
Digital Marketing Specialist

CES 2019 Trends and Innovative Tech

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CES 2019 Trends and Innovative Tech

By Victor Paan

National Director, Digital Innovation

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) provided a scope and scale of technology that had a common thread. Ai and 5G provided the foundation that powers smarter TVs, smarter homes, smarter cities, and the vehicles that will navigate them. The future is here. Below are a few of the biggest trends we noticed at this year’s CES.

Screens: Flat, Roll-up and Holographic Displays

A few of the trends we observed when it came to screens included the roll-up OLED screen that, not unlike Saran Wrap, rolls up and back into a long rectangular box. Its pure futuristic eye candy design holds promise for live event activations as it’s space efficient, easily portable, and overall awe inspiring technology.

Mostly every brand that offers flat panel displays on the show floor featured 8K LED screens. These screens have beautiful detail and colour that would allow PIPs over High Res backgrounds to be displayed at a high resolution, whether 4K content or HD 1080 content.

Although not something that is defined as a ‘screen’, HYPERVSN’s 3D Holographic Display System provided a wow-factor via their new LED rotor units.  Upgraded in size and framerate, the new units are breathtaking and provide an extremely crisp hologram.  A showstopper.  Along with a new customer portal to easily turn 2D content into 3D content for these displays, makes jumping onboard with this technology an easy uptake.

Headset advancements and eye tracking

A much subdued presence at CES this year.  Some headset advancements of note are to do with ocular tracking.  The HTC Vive Pro Eye adds eye tracking that allows users to control in-game experiences using eye-movements.  This also allows developers to track what users are attracted to and spending time looking at within an experience, providing user data that can enhance future development of products/designs through the VR tech.

To take this further, the company responsible for developing the aforementioned eye tracking, Tobii allows for this type of eye movement capture for any digital assets seen on a screen.  Stakeholders can obtain data on user’s habits as to what they focus on during a browse of a soon-to-be-launched website or service.

Compounding this, and providing a use case for the events industry, is the ability for individuals to wear glasses that track what an attendee’s eyes are drawn to while, say, walking an exhibit floor or a creative staging setup.  This data can provide insights towards best practices on brand and design elements; honing the process in how designers deliver on realized projects.

Ai (and the IoT) in action!

If VR & AR were the buzzwords of recent years past, Ai was the newly crowned monarch of CES 2019.  Everything from TVs that ascertain what you are watching and adjust picture and sound settings to match the experience, to smart home appliances powered by your favourite voice assistant that communicate and learn together, Ai was everywhere.  The real shift in the idea of what Ai means to the masses is that no longer are we expected to adapt to the technology, rather, the technology is shifting to a model that adapts itself to each of us and the context of our experiences.

Robotics, from a concierge standpoint, remained stagnant for the most part.  Designs felt either overly stylized (read ‘cute’) or were downright creepy. The rush towards 5G connectivity is absolutely being driven by the onset of Ai and the Internet of Things.  All of this connectivity will only benefit from the accelerated speeds and bandwidth of 5G… which is really what the hype is all about; more things online, faster!

Victor Paan
Freeman Audio Visual Canada
Director of Digital Services

Victor Paan is Director of Digital Services for Freeman Audio Visual Canada. Since joining Freeman in 2002, Victor has worked diligently for his clients, advancing his career from a delivery technician role to his current position as the Director of Digital Services. In this capacity, he draws on his technical and sales experience to support Freeman’s teams and clients in integrating state-of-the-art event solutions that will transform, grow, and extend the world of live engagements.

PSAV® and The Freeman Company Announce Purchase Agreement for PSAV to Acquire Encore Event Technologies

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SCHILLER PARK, IL, and DALLAS,TX – January 14, 2019 – PSAV, a global leader in event experiences, and The Freeman Company, jointly announced today that the companies have entered into a purchase agreement for PSAV to acquire Encore Event Technologies, a global provider of event technology, staging and production services.  The combination of PSAV and Encore will join two companies with deep expertise and a shared commitment to be an invaluable global partner for the meeting industry.  This transaction reinforces PSAV’s mission of Connecting and Inspiring People by expanding the breadth of its capabilities throughout North America and Asia Pacific.  The transaction is expected to be finalized later this year. Terms of the transaction will not be disclosed.

Encore has a long and distinguished history dedicated to helping create high-impact meetings and live events for the hospitality industry. Encore operates as both an in-house partner to some of the world’s leading resorts, hotels and casinos, as well as a creative production company for clients around the world.

“Encore is an ideal partner for the PSAV family of companies given its shared commitment to meeting and event planners, and strong alignment with our purpose and mission,” said Mike McIlwain, CEO of PSAV.  I am excited about what this means for PSAV, and more importantly our customers, as we continue to focus on more ways to create amazing event experiences wherever an event is held.”

“We’re extremely proud of the success everyone at Encore – including our FAV Canada operations – has created in building one of the world’s leading in-house hospitality, event technology and production service businesses,” said Joe Popolo, CEO of The Freeman Company. “At Freeman, we continue our mission to provide powerful brand experiences, which include our audio visual solutions, for association and corporate customers around the world.”

“It has been an honor to lead and develop Encore and to witness its growth,” said Ken Sanders, chief development officer, The Freeman Company. “I want to thank everyone at Encore for applying their work, skills, dedication and creativity to build this world-class company, and I look forward to watching their continued prosperity as part of PSAV.”


Peter Wallace and David Kestnbaum of Blackstone’s Private Equity team commented, “We are excited about the combination of our portfolio company, PSAV, with Encore.  Blackstone sees continued growth opportunities in live events, and we are pleased that Encore will bring additional capabilities to support event planners and our venue partners.”

Bill Stein of Blackstone’s Real Estate team added, “The combination of PSAV and Encore will further enhance our strong capabilities to serve meeting event planners and our venue partners across a diverse suite of services as part of our mission of creating a world-class, diversified global live events platform.”

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP is serving as legal counsel to PSAV.

JP Morgan is serving as financial advisor to Freeman and Encore, and Baker McKenzie is serving as legal counsel to Freeman and Encore.

About PSAV®

PSAV is a global leader in event experiences, providing creative, production, advanced technology and staging services to help meeting professionals deliver more dynamic and impactful experiences at their meetings, trade shows and events. The team consists of more than 9,000 professionals across 1,500 on-site venue locations and 49 branch offices within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. It is the trusted partner and on-site provider of choice at leading venues worldwide. PSAV was recently named to the Forbes 2018 America’s Best Employer list. The company is headquartered in Schiller Park, Ill.

About The Freeman Company

The Freeman Company helps create meaningful connections for all types of global audiences. The family-owned company is comprised of leading brand experience company, Freeman; audio-visual and production company, Encore Event Technologies; and Alford Media, a premier event technology specialist known for the expertise and precision on large-scale shows. With more than 90 locations globally and 7,000+ employees who are dedicated to delivering the best experiences and business outcomes possible for their clients — from strategy and design to implementation and results. For more information, visit

About Encore Event Technologies

Encore is a leading global provider of audiovisual, event technology, staging and production services.  Encore serves as the in-house provider at more than 460 hotels, casinos, conference centers and resorts in North America and Asia Pacific.  Encore Productions, the production division of Encore Event Technologies, is a full-service creative production company helping clients tell their stories around the world.  For more information, visit, and


For further inquiries and more information, contact:

Media Contact – PSAV
Bob Niersbach
Director, Communications
(847) 385-3619

Media Contact – Freeman
Stephen Phillips
Director, Communications
(214) 445-1205

Latest Trends In Presentation Technology

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A presentation is the finished product of months of research, analysis and practice. It’s your speaker’s chance to share information on your expertise with a room full of like-minded people who are interested in learning about your topic. But a good presentation is more than just the information itself; it’s also about how that information gets communicated. And that’s where unique presentation technologies play an important role.

It’s no secret that the world is rapidly advancing technologically. People have smartphones, high-tech televisions, at-home personal assistants like Alexa, not to mention everyone’s personal computer. This means it’s likely safe to assume that you’re speaking to an audience that’s familiar with some form of technology when giving your presentation.

The latest trends in presentation tools and technology revolve around this high-tech transformation. Without further ado, here are some of the latest trends we’ve identified in presentation technology that will wow your audience and create buzz around your brand:

Flat Screen Displays

A vivid flat screen display offers image quality that makes the viewer feel like there’s no separation between them and the visuals being depicted. Whether it’s a tundra, a busy city, the middle of an ocean or a calm village, modern flat screen displays really do these scenes justice.

Flat screen displays aid presentations by making it more pleasurable for your audience to view your slides, your video, and whatever other visual components you’re sharing. The quality of the image also makes it easier for a room full of people to view, taking in every detail. This means you can share more detailed images without worrying about them being grainy.

Simultaneous Translation

If your attendees are from global offices, incorporating simultaneous translation into your presentation can be hugely helpful. Simultaneous interpretation is a reliable option for bringing in remote parties when giving a presentation. Provide native-language messages through headsets so that every member of your audience is able to fully participate in your event. With fluid interpretation that allows your attendees to listen in their own language you leave no attendee behind.

Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous, so it might as well be put to good use. Many conferences, seminars, learning presentations and corporate meetups use social media technology to spread awareness of their brand and engage their attendees. Social media walls and live feed projections give event attendees their ‘five seconds of fame’ and get them excited about using their social media in a tangible way. It also allows them to share their ideas in a public forum, an example of using social media the way it was originally intended: for greater collaboration and communication.

Audience Response Service

Think, “Ask the Audience” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Audience response technology allows you to ask your audience questions and get their responses in real-time. This makes for a much more engaging presentation, but also makes your audience members feel like their voices are really being heard. Gathering popular opinion in the midst of a presentation can help you underscore the points you’re trying to drive home. It can also help you get a sense of how engaged your audience is, and whether further education on a particular matter might be helpful to them.

Technology advances have given us so many more presentation possibilities. Now, with so many different types of event technology available, you can be as creative as you want with your events. For more information about the latest trends in presentation equipment, call us at 1 800-868-6886 or contact us here.


7 Popular Event Trends We Saw This Summer

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One part of the hysteria surrounding summer is the excitement that comes with its sun-soaked events – low necklines and cold drinks, dancing outside, and enjoying the hazy days of summer with friends and family.

Everything is better in the summer heat, and every year, event planners aim to make their event the talk of the season. The summer represents a great opportunity to stage an event, with it being one of the most lucrative seasons for professional event planners.

Event attendees – especially those who are accustomed to high-budget corporate events – won’t be wooed by the same gimmicks as last year. It may come as a surprise to those who aren’t in the business of planning amazing events, but there are trends that are ushered in each summer that can take an event from same-old to never-be-the-same-again.

It’s all about differentiation and making your event stand out in the minds of your guests. It’s about finding ways to bring people together, fostering connections, and making everything a bit more efficient to set-up and tear down. Here are seven summer event trends we’ve seen this summer that take events to the next level and impress guests with thoughtful ingenuity.

  1. Technology (Apps, Live Streaming, Live SM Interaction)

It’s hardly news at this point; people are plugged in. Over 90% of North Americans own smartphones and are on them for multiple hours a day. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with guests and have them put their cell phones to good use.

Specialized event apps are amazing for large events that span a day or more, especially when multiple locations, speakers, and itineraries are involved. For a sprawling corporate event with several types of speakers and seminars, it can help to have an app developed that is specific to your event for widespread download.

Encourage your guests to live tweet and post with personalized event hashtags. Modern weddings often combine the last names of the spouses-to-be, allowing everyone who posts to look up each other’s photos and moments easily. Live streaming your event will let those who couldn’t be there feel included. It’s an extension of hospitality that will truly add a caring and trendy touch.

  1. Drone Videos

We all know someone with a drone, and they’re amazing for capturing aerial video. If your summer event is being held in a beautiful outdoor space, capture its magnificence with drone video. You’ll get a beautiful perspective you never thought you’d see, and it makes for great content in a post-event video for attendees to look back on after your event is over.

  1. Non-Traditional Spaces

Barns, warehouses, factories; don’t limit yourself to traditional event venues. Non-traditional spaces offer different pricing than conference centres or banquet halls, have enormous capacity, and have interesting interior elements. Exposed bricks, metal beams, thirty-foot ceilings – your guests will be wowed by your event as soon as they arrive.

  1. Memorable Bars

One of the best parts of any event is the food and beverage. Go the extra mile and create a memorable bar setting. Great drinks are a given, but the bar area itself is a spot where people gather, laugh a little harder, and find the courage to connect with strangers. Up your hosting game from a traditional bar to make your guests feel like they’re at a truly all-out event.

  1. Food Trends on Point

Next to the drinks is the food. If you have mediocre food, often that’s what people will remember about your event. Amazing food will have your guests on cloud nine, pleasing their inner foodies and appreciating your attention to culinary detail.

Donut walls and live cooking are two food trends that are catching on. People also appreciate plant-based, healthy options as more and more folks develop open minds to different diet preferences.

  1. Bring the Dancers

It isn’t a party until there’s dancing! Exploring entertaining with acrobatic tricks and aerial arts, it’s like having a free show alongside your gathering. Your guests will feel so much more inspired to dance when they see the professionals joyously busting out their moves.

  1. Bold Yet Classic Colours

2018 has been a year of experimentation as well as a year of returning to traditional roots, and colour and design schemes are reflecting this. The need to be modern has fallen away and classically beautiful colour combinations are proving to be classics for a reason. It’s always a good thing to give your colour scheme a slight edge, a personal touch that reflects you.

Summer Filippopoulos
Freeman Audio Visual Canada, Sales Manager


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*La version française suit le message anglais.


General Manager, Freeman Audio Visual Toronto, Dianne King, (left), Vice President Marketing,Freeman Audio Visual, Heidi Welker (middle) and Jay Lanchbury, Director of Sales, Freeman Audio Visual Toronto (right) accepting the Canadian Event Industry Star Award for Most Innovative Use of Event Technology

Freeman Audio Visual Canada is proud to announce that it has won the Canadian Event Industry Star Award in the category of Most Innovative Use of Event Technology for production of the 2014 Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Canadian Innovation Conference (CIC).

Planned for Canadians by Canadians, the second annual PCMA CIC was a three-day educational event designed to stimulate and motivate event professionals to think outside of industry norms and create innovative event experiences for their own organizations. Using technology to drive an experiential learning experience, basic set pieces were coupled with inexpensive lighting and projection equipment, enhanced with a creative concept, and then heightened by state of the art technology, to fulfill the 2014 CIC’s objective: Empower by Innovation.

“Our board of directors’ vision was to get our delegates outside their comfort zone and excited about their untapped options for innovation and inspiration,” said Heidi Welker, Freeman Audio Visual Canada Vice President Marketing, PCMA Canada East Chapter Past President, and CIC Conference Co-Chair. “This award validates our efforts to assure that attendees left the conference with new ideas about developing fresh revenue streams, being more creative in their thinking processes and collaborating with others.”




Dianne King, directrice générale, Freeman audiovisuel Toronto (à gauche), Heidi Welker, vice-présidente marketing Freeman audiovisuel Toronto (au centre) et Jay Lanchbury, directeur des ventes, Freeman audiovisuel Toronto (à droite) acceptant le Prix « Canadian Event Industry Star » dans la catégorie « Meilleur emploi novateur de la technologie d’évènement »

Freeman audiovisuel est fière d’annoncer que le prix Canadian Event Industry Star lui a été attribué pour le Meilleur emploi novateur de la technologie d’évènement dans le cadre de la production de la Canadian Innovation Conference 2014 pour la Professional Convention Management Association (CIC) (PCMA).

Organisée par des Canadiens pour les Canadiens, la CIC, second évènement annuel à caractère pédagogique de la PCMA, se déroulait sur trois jours. La réunion fut conçue pour stimuler les professionnels du milieu évènementiel et les motiver à sortir des normes afin de créer des expériences novatrices pour ensuite les appliquer à leur propre entreprise. La technologie a été mise au premier plan pour atteindre l’objectif 2014 de la CIC qui était « Empower by Innovation ». Pour stimuler l’expérience d’apprentissage, des pièces scéniques de bases furent parées de projecteurs et d’éclairage simple et rehaussées d’un concept créatif mis en valeur par une technologie de pointe.

« Notre comité administratif voulait stimuler l’enthousiasme pour toutes les ressources d’innovation et d’inspiration inexploitées en sortant les délégués de leur zone de confort », explique Heidi Welker, vice-présidente marketing chez Freeman audiovisuel Canada, présidente sortante division de l’Est de PCMA Canada, ainsi que la vice-présidente de la CIC. « Ce prix démontre que nous avons atteint notre but et que les participants sont repartis avec des idées nouvelles pour générer de nouveaux revenus, pour développer la collaboration et pour encourager la pensée créative. »

Freeman Audio Visual Vancouver Wins Consumer Choice Award for AV Services for Second Consecutive Year

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*La version française suit le message anglais.


Freeman Audio Visual Vancouver General Manager Michael Dosch accepts Consumer Choice Award

Freeman Audio Visual Vancouver General Manager Michael Dosch accepts Consumer Choice Award

Freeman Audio Visual Canada is proud to announce that it has been selected by Vancouver consumers and business community as the 2015 Consumer Choice Award (CCA) winner in the category of Audio Visual Services for the second year in a row. CCA was established in 1987 and is considered the most distinguished award for business excellence in Canada.

Through an independent market-research survey, consumers and businesses in the Vancouver community voted Freeman Audio Visual as the top-ranked organization in its industry, without the influence of industry insiders, advocate groups or unethical business practices.

“This is truly a testament to the hard work and outstanding service they have continued to provide over the past year,” said Marcel Sbrollini, President, CCA. “They are once again a part of a very select group of business owners and entrepreneurs recognized by the people of Vancouver for their business excellence over multiple years.”

“The Vancouver team prides itself on providing the best service possible to our esteemed clients,” said Michael Dosch, General Manager, Freeman Audio Visual Vancouver. “To win the CCA for the second consecutive year is especially thrilling, as we sincerely appreciate being recognized by our community in such a positive way.”


Freeman Audio Visual Vancouver General Manager Michael Dosch accepts Consumer Choice Award

Le Directeur général de Freeman audiovisuel Vancouver, Michael Dosch, accepte le Prix du Choix du Consommateur

Freeman audiovisuel Vancouver gagne le Prix du Choix des consommateurs pour ses services audiovisuels pour une deuxième année consécutive

Freeman audiovisuel Canada est fière d’annoncer que les consommateurs ainsi que la communauté d’affaire de Vancouver lui ont attribué le Prix Choix du consommateur 2015 (CCA) dans la catégorie des services audiovisuels pour une deuxième année consécutive. Le CCA fut établi en 1987 et est considéré comme étant le prix le plus émérite d’excellence en affaires au Canada.

Au moyen d’une étude de marché indépendante, les consommateurs et les entreprises de la région de Vancouver ont nommé Freeman audiovisuel comme étant la meilleure organisation de son industrie, et ceci, sans l’influence d’intervenants du secteur, de groupes de défense d’intérêts ni de pratiques d’affaires contraires à l’éthique.

«Il s’agit d’une véritable attestation pour tout le travail et le service impeccable que vous avez continué de fournir l’an dernier » mentionne Marcel Sbrollini, Président, CCA. « Une fois de plus, vous faites partie d’un groupe prestigieux de propriétaires d’entreprises et d’entrepreneurs reconnus sur plusieurs années par les gens de Vancouver pour votre excellence en affaires. »

« L’équipe de Vancouver est vraiment fière de fournir un service sans compromis à notre clientèle, » déclare Michael Dosch, directeur générale de Freeman audiovisuel à Vancouver. « De gagner le CCA pour une seconde année consécutive est particulièrement palpitant, et nous apprécions grandement que notre communauté nous attribue une reconnaissance si positive. »

« C’est tellement gratifiant de voir que tous les efforts de l’équipe de la succursale d’Ottawa sont reconnus de manière si significative par la communauté qu’ils desservent. »



Toronto convention industry surging again, tourism board says

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Source: Toronto Star

Stronger world economy and a vibrant downtown contributed to spike in hotel bookings for meetings and conventions in 2014, says Tourism Toronto.

Delta Toronto Hotel. Photographer David Cooper / Toronto Star file photo

The end of the Great Recession and generous words from Vogue magazine are among the reasons that Toronto’s convention industry is booming again, after a swoon brought on by tough economic times, the city’s tourism agency says.

Almost half a million people booked a meeting or convention visit to Toronto in 2014, good for over 600,000 hotel room nights — the first time the city has cracked that threshold.

A resurgent world economy, top-flight hotels, and an increasingly vibrant downtown have all contributed to the convention sector’s growth, said Tourism Toronto spokesman Andrew Weir.

“As Toronto’s reputation and cachet grows — when you have Vogue magazine talking about Queen W. as one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the world — it increases the desirability of that destination,” Weir said.

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