Make Your Next Event Unreal With ImaginAction

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What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. – Morpheus, The Matrix (via IMDB)

With the explosive popularity of immersive technology like Oculus Rift, the line between the physical and the digital world is being blurred more and more all the time.


Freeman Audio Visual‘s ImaginAction is the latest in multi-display technology, giving your presentations maximum impact through impact and dimension.

How does it work?

ImaginAction uses wide, multi-screen displays to encompass your audience’s peripheral vision and immerse them in your presentation. Rich, extreme-resolution images add to the impact and sense of interactivity.

How can I use it for my event?

ImaginAction allows you to take your audience anywhere in the world, and therefore the applications are only limited by your imagination.

As a dynamic backdrop or virtual set, it allows you to create and change any atmosphere or mood, as well as communicate key messaging. Set pieces can be enhanced with a video backdrop for added depth.

Isn’t it complicated?

Not for you! With ImaginAction, your multi-media presentation is pre-programmed, and runs on a timeline, meaning there’s no chance of miscues.

The technology synchronizes with lighting and other effects, such as fog or snow machines. Live speakers can even be keyed in on-screen over a background. Not only will your presentations be more compelling than ever, they’ll be flawless and stress-free.

And of course–we’re here to help. Our involvement can range from programming a presentation and operating the system for you, to creating and producing the content for the entire presentation.

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Interested in bringing the power of immersion to your next presentation? Contact us at 1.800.868.6886 or online to discuss how we can make ImaginAction work for you.

Freeman Audio Visual’s Vice President of Event Services Michael Wohlitz shares how the LED light forever transformed theatrical lighting & events

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The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded for the most transformational product in the last two decades in the live event space, incubating a metamorphosis in creative production design.

It may have taken thirty years, but recognition has finally been bestowed to three scientists in the form of the Nobel Prize for Physics for designing the Blue LED. In so doing, we have now completed the primary lighting trifecta, as the Red, Green and Blue diodes can now be mixed to produce not only white light but any imaginable color. Since their onset, the LED has become ubiquitous in our homes, cars and places of work.

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AVW-TELAV Acquires Inventory of Clay Paky GlowUp Fixtures

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AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions, the technologically innovative, full-service presentation technology and staging solutions provider with state-of-the-art inventory in every province and all major cities coast to coast, has acquired  Clay Paky GlowUp fixtures from A.C.T Lighting Canada Inc.

GlowUp is a portable, battery-powered luminaire based on durable, high-power LEDs for years of energy-efficient service.

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Event Staging: VARTECH—The Solution Show

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BlueStar Canada distributes point-of-sale, barcoding, data collection, digital signage and wireless mobility products, in alliance with the industry’s leading manufacturers. Coined “The Solution Show,” VARTECH Canada unites all members of this industry, enabling resellers to cultivate rewarding relationships with hardware manufacturers, software solution providers and service partners.

In collaboration with Ciné Cast Vidéo Productions, AVW-TELAV worked within the parameters of BlueStar Canada’s budget to provide a dynamic staging solution, conducive to audience engagement, active learning and an unparalleled networking experience, at The Quebec City Convention Centre.

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