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'The Tech Side of New York Comic Con' with Projection, Lights and Staging News

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comiccon ny

Kyle Gaul, technical director for New York Comic Con and director of technology for Freeman Audio Visual south of the border, shares a behind-the-scenes look at the logistics, audio, video, cable, lighting  and crew that work together to assemble and execute New York Comic Con, the largest comic convention in North America.

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FreemanXP Tell Us How to Overhaul Presentations with Technology

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AJ and DH

Tech can convert audiences into participants while driving data and engagement

We live in a world that demands people be constantly connected (whether they want to or not) and that demand has fueled a shift in audience behaviors. No longer can we assume or even ask that our audiences do nothing but pay attention at events. The reality is that they have teams to manage, quick notes to dash off, clients to keep tabs on – and this all continues to happen while they are at your event.

But there is an important upside to this for event marketers! We can leverage the predisposition for constantly connected behavior to get our attendees more deeply involved in sessions, converting audiences into participants.

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Predictions About Future Conferences And Shifting Attendance

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*La version française suit le message anglais.

Seasoned meetings industry professional Jeff Hurt, Executive Vice President, Education & Engagement, Velvet Chainsaw, recently made 15 predictions about the future conferences and shifting attendance that you’ll want to know about. Click here to discover his industry forecasts.




Aperçu et tendances ayant une incidence sur les engagements personnalisés

Un professionnel chevronné de l’industrie des congrès, Jeff Hurt, vice-président directeur, Formation et Engagement chez Velvet Chainsaw, a récemment fait 15 prédictions à propos des conférences du futur et les tendances en participation dont vous voudrez prendre connaissance. Cliquez pour découvrir ses prédictions sur l’industrie.

Freeman Audio Visual Canada featured in MPI Toronto ME3TING Magazine discussing community involvement

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*La version française suit le message anglais.


Toronto Account Executive Sandra Lijoi, Freeman Audio Visual’s ECOS Project liaison with the MPI Toronto Chapter, is quoted in this July/August issue of MPI Toronto’s ME3TING Magazine, discussing social responsibility initiatives. Read the full article here.





Freeman audiovisuel est fière de continuer à parrainer cette initiative ECOS dans les années à venir

La gestionnaire de comptes Sandra Lijoi de Freeman audiovisuel Toronto, agente de liaison entre Freeman audiovisuel et MPI pour le projet ECOS à Toronto, discute dans le numéro de juillet/août du magazine ME3TING de MPI Toronto des initiatives de responsabilité sociale. Pour lire l’article.

How One Young Professional Found a Career in AV

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InfoComm International shares the story of one young American man’s successful career path in AV. Article by Cindy Davis, Special to InfoComm International®

A young man graduates from high school. He doesn’t have a career in mind, but he’s highly motivated and lands a job. Only the economy is bad, so he gets laid off, then lands another job, only to be laid off again. Rewind, replay, pause.

Then the young man gets a call from someone who tells him he could get paid to learn a highly marketable skill, find his passion and potentially land a job at a Fortune 500 company. Meet Washington, D.C., native Travis Hopkins.

The call was from the D.C. branch of Year Up, a nonprofit workforce development organization that attempts to identify the skill sets needed to fill entry-level positions in certain cities and provide fresh opportunities to young people. Year Up had determined that the Washington area faced a shortage of qualified candidates to fill entry-level audiovisual and IT jobs.

Figuring he had nothing to lose, Hopkins agreed to hear them out.  “They played a video of a couple who went through the program. He had started out with a rough life and he was now working for the World Bank,” says Hopkins. “It was one of those, ‘ah-ha’ moments. Why not me?”

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Transform Your Event With One Simple Word…

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By: Anne Houghton, VP, Experience Design,

How experience design generates meaning and real business results

Truly engaging a customer is magical. It’s transformative. It’s how you go from like to love and from “nice to have” to “must have” in the eyes of the customer. So how do you create an experience that is magical?

Start with one simple word: Why?

Why would someone attend your event? Experience design begins and ends with an intimate understanding of the attendee’s needs and expectations for the event. Make sure you know your audience inside and out. What will make them feel that they have been heard? Which of your tools and services set them up for success? What information do they already have?

These insights inform your business and event strategy. Strategy informs the message flow, and ultimately how to deliver each piece of the message along the journey. Every element of your experience (event, tradeshow booth, etc.) must ladder up to the event’s overarching message and ultimately your organization’s business objectives.

By translating business and marketing strategies into the three-dimensional elements of your event, you can intrinsically tell a story that revolves around your audience. How the actual physicality of the environment – from structures, space, and lighting to objects, color, and textures – comes together sends a message. And how the audience actually moves throughout the space does as well. The practice of experience design guides the attendee down a well-cultivated pathway and ultimately determines exactly what the audience will feel, know, and do.

And that is when the magic happens.

Learn more about experience design and event strategy. Download FreemanXP’s Insights Paper.

Steal This Idea: How Top Brands Maximize Event ROI with Social Marketing

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By Katherine Zimoulis, Director, Marketing, FreemanXP

New data—Using social media marketing to amplify events

We have long advocated for the idea that live events and social engagement combined can be transformative for a brand or organization.

Social engagement is the secret sauce that makes everything stickier. Engagement, brand affinity, and amplification increase, helping to secure and strengthen the relationship with attendees and extending the brand experience beyond the four walls of an event to a larger audience—ultimately maximizing your event ROI big-time. To help prove this, we partnered with the Event Marketing Institute to develop research and survey a cohort of the world’s top brand marketers. We wanted to find out what works for them when it comes to social media marketing for events.

Here’s what we learned:

Growing Pains: The data doesn’t lie! 70 percent of brand marketers agree that viral efforts and social engagement are very important for events. They “get” the importance of creating memorable moments that can be shared across social channels. Yet only 16 percent say they are “very effective” at generating viral impact from their event, and only 21 percent feel they are “effective.”

Insider tip: Want to know what works when it comes to social strategy for events?

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