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Empathy, Emotion and Technology with Purpose…For the Win!

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A Look at the 2019 Edition of South by Southwest in Austin, Texas

When people hear South By Southwest mentioned, they typically think of the music festival founded in 1987, however over its 30+ years, it has grown to encompass many more attractions than just the grass-roots music festival that it was once intended to be. Also known as “South By,” SXSW now includes an interactive media conference, a huge variety of education sessions and music, gaming and film festivals. Lasting for almost 3 weeks, South By sees nearly 80,000 people attend the various conferences and festivals, also bringing nearly $350 million dollars of economic impact to Austin, Texas.

Several members of our Freeman AV Canada team traveled down to Austin, Texas in March to see what South By had to offer, and here are some key things that stood out!

Focused on Improving the Attendee Experience

As conventions and festivals grow in size they often develop a detached feeling for the individual attendee, and rightfully so; how do you create an individual and personal experience for each person when dealing with 80,000+ attendees?

South By has employed several empathy tactics to help connect with attendees on a personal level. Creating spaces such as a Wellness Areas, focusing on attendee’s safety through the use of holding graphics in sessions and implementing live breakout room capacity monitoring via public boards and the conference app are all fantastic ways to show your attendees that you really are thinking about their experience.

The Future Understands You 

Several major technology players including LG and Sony were showcasing futuristic concepts that can actually understand what you are feeling. Whether it is small robots that greet you while reading your facial expressions to understand your needs, or a mini robot dog that can really tug on our need for companionship and do it strategically 😉, it’s all exciting to us! Then we got thinking, and these questions arose:

  • What will this mean for events of the future?
  • Will we have event signage that customizes messages based on your feelings and needs?
  • Will we have event experiences that change based on the collective heart rate of the audience?
  • Can you imagine the possibilities?

Let us know how you see this fitting into your event!

Something For Everyone 

South By can certainly say they have something for everyone, with nearly 300 sessions per day, variety is in no short supply. Fortunately, the conference app allows you to search by things like interests to help focus on what applies directly to you. Smart event planning also meant that most sessions in the same track resided in the same or adjacent venues. This allowed you to maximize your time especially when sessions are held in basically every venue in the city. Some of the key tracks that our team focused on where: Cities, Government & Politics, Coding & Development, Design, Experiential Storytelling, Food, Game Design & Development, Intelligent Future, Social & Global Impact, Tech Industry & Enterprise, Touring & Live Experience and VR/AR/MR.

Standing Out – Brands Creating Their Own Spaces

Major brands are always looking for that way to make them stand out from the crowd. Over the last several years the tool for this has been activations, and South By was no exception to this. From shipping container structures, to bars completely transformed into a brand experience space – these installations truly do provide a unique personalized experience that focus directly on the brands defining traits and characteristics.

Some highlights for our team were the Dell installation at a bar across the street from the Austin Convention Centre, featuring an outdoor main stage and an indoor Dell feature tour showcasing some of their key technologies.

LG also made a big splash at South By, but perhaps we won’t see the ripple from the splash for a few years as their activation was VERY future focused. Robots that know your feelings, roll-up LED displays, ice cream/frozen yogurt capsule machines and even capsule based home breweries; LG certainly took us for a quick ride in a time machine to the maybe not so distant future. We even noticed several brands create impactful, personal activations right in the convention space and we see this as a great opportunity for a lot of our corporate clients looking to get a personalized message across to their attendees in a more personalized manner than typical plenary setups can offer.

DELL Technologies Activation

LG Electronics Activation

The common threads of Empathy, Emotion, Personalized Experience and Technology with a Purpose were evident in all aspects of this show. What can you do to create a more personalized experience within your next event? Understanding who comes to your event and why they are there are key factors to help you tailor your event to meet your attendees needs and wants. Taking the time to plan out the details, brainstorm them with your colleagues and/or industry partners will help you focus on what’s important. Creating those personalized experiences provides better value and meaningful interactions from live events for your attendees. So we ask you, “are you helping connect people in meaningful ways?”

Brian Johnston
Freeman Audio Visual Canada
National Director, Creative Innovation

The Benefits of LG Video Walls for Business

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Video walls are now used to present commercial material across a range of environments. From trade shows to product unveilings, video walls have quickly become one of the best ways to engage audiences and provide comprehensive information in an entertaining format. In this new post, our team explores the value LG video walls can bring to your business and its upcoming events.

Ultra-Thin Bezel

The ultra-thin .044 mm even bezel used within LG video walls makes all content pop on the screen and provides a life-like appeal that will transfix audiences. One of the reasons video walls are used throughout the entertainment industry is that the ultra-thin bezel makes the content appear without any distortions to the original image, helping to completely immerse the audience in the content.

Wider Viewing Angles

Across an environment such as a trade show floor, it often becomes important for businesses to captivate audiences at unique angles to the content. If the content cannot reach this audience, then the value of the screen is limited. However, those using LG video walls for their business can now achieve exceptionally wide viewing angles. The use of the LG IPS panel technology helps ensure content can be viewed more easily from all viewing angles, capturing greater attention at events.

Higher Viewing Angles

The need to present content across higher viewing angles is also critical for many business events. For example, a company unveiling their new product as part of an event at an auditorium will require those in the box seats to have just as good a view of the content as those in the orchestra seating level. The latest video walls from LG present crystal clear content to each member of the audience, with higher viewing angles limiting the distortion to those seeing the content from above.

High Scalability

One of the great advantages of the latest LG video walls is they can give software developers the chance to produce their own content for display at events. The built-in WebOS smart signage platform helps products such as the 55SVH7E execute various tasks at once, ensuring that software teams have complete control over the scale and style of the content showcased. In addition, the content can be produced without the need for an additional media player, simplifying the process of showcasing content for event management teams and those in control of the video wall on event day.

Reduced Image Gap

Perhaps one of the most common gripes associated with video walls is the black lines that separate the various boxes forming the wall. These black lines can interrupt the view of the audience and may take away from the return on investment of the content producer. The latest video walls from LG work to limit this issue with a reduced image gap. Working with an image improvement algorithm reduces the gaps between the tiled displays when video playback is in process. The audience sees a cleaner image that resonates with them.

Consistent Colour Expression

Another common issue associated with video walls is the lack of a uniform and consistent colour throughout the entire display. In some walls, the sides of the tiles bleed colour, which leads to a darker appearance around the edges, and limits the quality of the finished product. But the latest LG video walls are designed for consistent colour expression. The video walls display vivid colours, even in the corner space near the bevels, ensuring that promotional content is crisp, clear, and well-received.

Content Flexibility

One of the reasons many are now choosing LG video walls is that the systems provide true content flexibility. Teams can display various styles of content at the same time on screen. For businesses presenting related content, material such as graphs and charts can be shown alongside video at events to show the progress the company is making within the industry, while also highlighting product features. Companies can also choose to stream content in real-time to their video walls, keeping audiences at the leading edge of developments.

User-Friendly Menus

Presenters operating the video wall have to be given full control at the event. This is achieved by adopting user-friendly menus that can easily be utilized while the event is ongoing. Similar actions are grouped together within the unit so that presenters know where to go within the menus without interrupting the presentation.

Simple Adjustment

A leading challenge for those creating presentations for a large audience is adjusting pictures so the images can be optimized for all viewers. A great advantage of the LG video wall is that the system is designed for simple colour and white balance adjustment. The latest systems allow for full grey-scale level adjustment to the white balance so that colours are blended more effectively within the content.

Why Turn to Freeman AV for LG Video Walls?

It’s clear that LG video walls represent the next innovation in the video presentation marketplace. Our team at Freeman AV are leading this industry and providing our clients across the market with a range of options designed to help respond to their unique demands. Below are several reasons to turn to our company for your LG video walls:

  • Experience

Our experience in the industry means we can provide you with the best video wall system for your event. We can work with you to assess your requirements and choose systems that fit with your event objectives and your budgetary parameters.

  • Technology

Our understanding of the latest technology means you can impress all audiences with the video walls offered through our team. We can help you to set up your displays within any venue and ensure your presenting team has a clear understanding of the technology’s functionality.

  • Support

We’ll be with you throughout your events to support you in using the video wall. If you have any questions about your system’s performance, you can turn to us at any time for answers. It’s a level of support that ensures the success of your events.

To learn more about Freeman AV and our company’s services, call us today.





Freeman Audio Visual Canada wins 2016 Canadian Event Perspective Award

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*La version française suit le message anglais.

(L to R) Dianne King General Manager Toronto, Brian Johnston Manager Creative Services, and Jay Lanchbury Director of Sales Toronto accept Canadian Event Perspective Award

(L to R) Dianne King General Manager Toronto, Brian Johnston Manager Creative Services, and Jay Lanchbury Director of Sales Toronto accept Canadian Event Perspective Award

Freeman Audio Visual Canada is proud to announce that it has won the Canadian Event Perspective Award in the category of Best Audio Visual Design for an Event for production of the 2015 Winter Cities Shake-Up. The award was presented by the Canadian Special Events Media Group.

The inaugural Winter Cities Shake-Up, held in Edmonton in January 2015, served as a gathering of urban planners and designers, entrepreneurs and business people, artists, cultural and community organizers, and people who live in winter cities and want to take advantage of all winter has to offer. The conference featured three days of presentations from internationally-renowned experts and rising stars in winter design, winter business and winter fun. Given its focus, the Winter Cities Shake-Up needed a differentiator from other conferences.

“The City of Edmonton’s approach to winter was aiming to be different,” said Doug Hawtin, Account Executive with Freeman Audio Visual Canada. “The goal was to embrace how winter can feel and show new ways of looking at something that has been lived through a million times before.”

There were a number of major innovative technical aspects to Winter Cities Shake-Up that garnered industry and social media attention. Among them was the curved 132’W x 21’H Peroni projection screen which has been widely touted as the first if its kind in Canada. The second creative technical aspect was the life-size snow globe in the centre of the stage.

“As our audio visual partner, Freeman Audio Visual understood what we were doing from the start and helped us enhance the experience, which aligned with the way that we were aiming to change the perception of winter for our delegates,” said Rebecca Swanson, Director of Communications, BUKSA Strategic Conference Services. “They came to BUKSA Strategic Conference Services with an idea, which was to create a screen that encompassed the room. This was something that had never been done in Canada, and we were keen to be the first to try it. It surpassed our expectations.”


Freeman audiovisuel remporte le prix du Canadian Event Perspective Award 2016

(G à D) Dianne King, directrice générale ; Brian Johnston, Gérant, Services créatifs ; et Jay Lanchbury, Directeur des ventes, Toronto reçoivent le Prix Canadian Event Perspective

(G à D) Dianne King, directrice générale ; Brian Johnston, Gérant, Services créatifs ; et Jay Lanchbury, Directeur des ventes, Toronto reçoivent le Prix Canadian Event Perspective

Freeman audiovisuel Canada est fière d’annoncer qu’elle a remporté le prix Canadian Event Perspective dans la catégorie « Best Audio Visual Design for an Event » (Meilleure conception audiovisuelle pour un évènement) pour la réalisation du Winter Cities Shake Up 2015.

L’évènement Winter Cities Shake Up se devait de se distinguer des autres conférences, puisque par sa nature, la vision de l’hiver de la ville d’Edmonton se voulait différente. Le but était de s’ouvrir aux diverses sensations de l’hiver et d’illustrer une image renouvelée de ce que nous avons vécu un million de fois. Freeman audiovisuel a su retenir l’attention de l’industrie et des médias sociaux en utilisant, entre autres, deux aspects techniques particulièrement novateurs. Le premier aspect comportait un écran de projection incurvé de marque Peroni d’une largeur de 40 mètres et d’une hauteur de 6,5 m, écran largement reconnu comme étant le tout premier du genre au Canada. Le second aspect technique innovant fut le globe immense au centre de la scène représentant une boule à neige géante :

Face to Face with Freeman: CES Technology Trends

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Tech Trends Article - Source - Ron

Our Freeman colleagues recently returned from CES with a report of the hottest technology trends for event marketers. Here’s an excerpt of the article: 

“A massive playground of the most innovative technology on the planet, CES is an experience brimming with consumer technology trends. Yes, the Internet of Things was big. Health and fitness tech was hot, hot, hot. 3-D printed selfies, mind-blowingly cool holographic displays — it’s easy to get lost in a crowd of cool. What’s an eventprof to do? Luckily, our on-the-ground team found three perfect pairs of tech trends that event marketers should be focusing on this year.”

Head over to the Face to Face with Freeman blog for the full report on virtual reality, video technology, and more!




Freeman Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs with The Howes Group

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 *La version française suit le message anglais 
In the fourth installment of our discussion with The Howes Group, we address the task of determining your groups’ internet usage personality. A way to be more cost effective when determining bandwidth is to break down usage into high and low users. You can do this pretty accurately by asking your delegates and network provider the right questions.

Find out what they are in the latest edition of ‘Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs’: What Is Your Internet Usage Personality?.

Next TechnoChat (February 2016)
Part 5 of 5 – Mobile Apps: The basics to consider when designing an app for your conference


Comme quatrième sujet de discussion avec
The Howes Group, nous abordons comment établir un profil d’usager Internet pour un groupe. Une bonne manière de limiter les coûts de bande passante consiste à répartir les usagers d’un groupe selon qu’ils font un usage limité ou intensif. C’est possible et plutôt précis si l’on pose les bonnes questions aux participants et au fournisseur d’Internet.

Découvrez quelles questions poser dans la dernière édition de Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs : Comment assurer une connexion sans fil stable (en anglais).

Dans notre prochain Techno Chat (février 2016)
5e et dernier sujet : les applications mobiles — les considérations de base pour concevoir une appli pour votre congrès.

Innovations from Freeman Audio Visual Canada Creative Services: Colour Motion

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Freeman Audio Visual Canada’s Creative Services department is always looking for new ways to be innovative. Colour Motion was custom designed by the team using Pandora’s Box, a camera, a custom table, LED lighting fixtures, and a bit of programming.

“In our ongoing research in interactive technology, this is just one example of how we’ve been able to input information from some kind of sensor, and then use that information in real-time to change other elements that could be used as part of a stage setup,” explained Derek Anderson, Director of Freeman Audio Visual Canada Digital Services.

“In this case, the input was colour information from a simple webcam that was translated into the required commands, and then fed into standard lighting fixtures that changed to match the colour.”

This kind of technology allows for on-the-fly changes to occur at an event that do not have to be scripted, hence producing authentic interaction with what is taking place on stage.

“The inputs can pretty much be anything you can measure,” added Anderson, “This could be color, as seen in this video, physical position of an object or a person, arm gestures, etc. The options are endless.”

Hot Product Launch: Pique Curiosity with Animated 3D Holograms

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*La version française suit le message anglais.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a holographic 3D moving image will leave your audiences speechless with intrigue.

Let our Creative Services team produce vivid animated graphics tailored to your specifications and adapted to fit seamlessly into the hologram cube size of your choice.

Display 360-degree holographic rotations of your feature products. Engage passersby at tradeshows and convert them into brand ambassadors.

• Ideal for tradeshows, exhibits and showrooms
• Visible in well-lit atmospheres
• Units available in 15” to 40” cubes, and a 70” freestanding panel

Push the boundaries of exhibit display and make crowds take notice. As your strategic partner, we can transform any meeting room into an interactive communication hub to engage and amaze your audience.

For more information, contact us.


Lancement de produit: Piquez la curiosité avec des hologrammes en 3D animés

Une image vaut mille mots, mais une image holographique animée en 3D laissera vos visiteurs sans voix tellement ils seront impressionnés.

Notre équipe des Services créatifs produira selon vos spécifications des animations 3D saisissantes qui s’insèrent parfaitement dans des holocubes de la taille de votre choix.

Exposez une représentation holographique de votre produit vedette effectuant une rotation complète et attirez les curieux dans les salons commerciaux. Ils deviendront des ambassadeurs de votre marque.

• Idéal pour les salons commerciaux et les expositions
• Visible même dans un environnement bien éclairé
• Avec holocubes de 15 po à 40 po ou sur panneau autoportant de 70 po

Repoussez les limites de l’affichage et captez l’attention de la foule. En tant que partenaire stratégique, nous pouvons convertir n’importe quelle salle de réunion en un centre de communication interactif afin d’éveiller l’intérêt de votre auditoire et de l’éblouir.

Pour en savoir plus, contactez-nous dès aujourd’hui .

'The Tech Side of New York Comic Con' with Projection, Lights and Staging News

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comiccon ny

Kyle Gaul, technical director for New York Comic Con and director of technology for Freeman Audio Visual south of the border, shares a behind-the-scenes look at the logistics, audio, video, cable, lighting  and crew that work together to assemble and execute New York Comic Con, the largest comic convention in North America.

Read the article in Projection, Lights and Staging News.



FreemanXP Tell Us How to Overhaul Presentations with Technology

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AJ and DH

Tech can convert audiences into participants while driving data and engagement

We live in a world that demands people be constantly connected (whether they want to or not) and that demand has fueled a shift in audience behaviors. No longer can we assume or even ask that our audiences do nothing but pay attention at events. The reality is that they have teams to manage, quick notes to dash off, clients to keep tabs on – and this all continues to happen while they are at your event.

But there is an important upside to this for event marketers! We can leverage the predisposition for constantly connected behavior to get our attendees more deeply involved in sessions, converting audiences into participants.

Read more