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What is PepperScrim?

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Untethering lighting designers from limited holographic systems, PepperScrim is now one of the most popular fabrics designed for use on stage. For set designers and lighting teams throughout the entertainment industry, PepperScrim is changing the way in which shows are staged, and providing audiences with a completely new, ultra-realistic holographic experience. In this latest post, we’ll explain more about PepperScrim and its value within the industry.

A Foldable, Transparent Gauze

PepperScrim is now being used throughout the entertainment industry to provide audiences with unparalleled show experience. The transparent gauze material can be added to any performance to show holographs and present unique lighting effects on stage. The material is placed at the front of the stage at an angle to the audience. The images reflected on the gauze appear to be on the stage from the audience’s perspective. And because PepperScrim is designed to be highly reflective, there are no double-image or image refraction issues that might mitigate the effect.

The Potential Applications

One of the most exciting elements of working with PepperScrim in your production is the endless potential the material has for entertaining audiences. For example, it can be used in the following ways:

  • To create 3D floating animations

    You can use PepperScrim to create 3D floating animations that look as if they’re moving with the action on the stage. The floating animations have no clear connection to outside technology from the audience’s perspective, truly providing an immersive show experience.

  • Interaction between the artist and the 3D content

    Because of the way PepperScrim is created, the artist on stage can actually interact with the 3D projections, helping boost the value of the illusion to the audience. The projection of the image can be moved along with the artist’s movements to give directors a sense of control over the result. One of the key benefits of this is to keep the audience closely engaged in the content.

  • Projections can surround the artist

    While other holographic systems have projections that can be placed above the artist’s head, the PepperScrim system is designed to be truly immersive for the audience, and so it appears as if the person on-stage is completely surrounded by holographic content. This is ideal, for example, when you are creating a production for a children’s show, and you wish to inspire wonder and amazement in your young audience. Imagine the reaction of the audience when the lead character is surrounded by life-like holograms as they make their way through a fairytale land. This powerful imagery is changing the way content is consumed and building a greater connection between the audience and the artist.

Adding Virtual Actors

Holographic content created with PepperScrim can also be used to add virtual actors to a scene or virtual presenters to a show. This is a great option for productions in which acting talent is required for specific scenes, but only for a short period of time. Instead of having the actor involved in each production, PepperScrim can be used to present a virtual representation of the actor on stage. To the audience, the actor will appear completely real. This gives the lighting design team and the directors a greater level of creative license when choosing how to tell a story and present their content to the world.

The Many Benefits of PepperScrim

Now you know a little more about how PepperScrim can be used and the value of the material within your productions. So let’s talk a little more about the benefits of PepperScrim compared to some of the other materials in the marketplace today. The benefits of PepperScrim include:

  • Lightweight and Foldable

    For those with travelling productions that require a team of professionals to pack their materials and transport them from venue to venue, the lightweight and foldable value of PepperScrim is essential. This means that PepperScrim doesn’t require significant transportation considerations. The material can simply be packed as with other materials and then taken to the next venue. Because it’s lightweight, PepperScrim can also be carried by one person in a carrying case, thereby limiting the need for a large team of technicians to move the product and put it into place.

  • Vertical Screen

    The design of PepperScrim also means that production teams have more space to work with on-stage when working with the material. Unlike other holographic systems, PepperScrim is designed to be used vertically, limiting the need for large amounts of stage space. You can simply add the layer to the front of the stage at a 45-degree angle to the audience to achieve the full effect. This gives you several meters behind the material to work with in creating your production content.

  • Simple Setup Process

    One of the foremost challenges associated with holographic systems is that the setup time can take away from the value the system provides in terms of content. But PepperScrim has been designed with limited setup time. Teams simply have to attach it to the truss, lighting bar, or frame, and then tension the material. They are then ready to begin projecting content onto the gauze to delight their audience.

  • Unparalleled Effects

    One of the reasons the leading production companies across the entertainment industry are now working with PepperScrim is that the material can be used to create truly unparalleled effects that the average audience member has never before seen on-stage. The holograms created by the system look real and the way in which the artist interacts with the holograms makes it appear as if a tangible connection is being made. This will add clear value to any production and can help to immerse audiences of all ages in the production.

This is an example of the exceptional innovations being made in the world of holographics. PepperScrim is captivating audiences and giving lighting and production teams more freedom to create truly memorable performances. To learn more about PepperScrim and its benefits for your upcoming productions, give the team at Freeman AV a call today!

Latest Trends In Presentation Technology

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A presentation is the finished product of months of research, analysis and practice. It’s your speaker’s chance to share information on your expertise with a room full of like-minded people who are interested in learning about your topic. But a good presentation is more than just the information itself; it’s also about how that information gets communicated. And that’s where unique presentation technologies play an important role.

It’s no secret that the world is rapidly advancing technologically. People have smartphones, high-tech televisions, at-home personal assistants like Alexa, not to mention everyone’s personal computer. This means it’s likely safe to assume that you’re speaking to an audience that’s familiar with some form of technology when giving your presentation.

The latest trends in presentation tools and technology revolve around this high-tech transformation. Without further ado, here are some of the latest trends we’ve identified in presentation technology that will wow your audience and create buzz around your brand:

Flat Screen Displays

A vivid flat screen display offers image quality that makes the viewer feel like there’s no separation between them and the visuals being depicted. Whether it’s a tundra, a busy city, the middle of an ocean or a calm village, modern flat screen displays really do these scenes justice.

Flat screen displays aid presentations by making it more pleasurable for your audience to view your slides, your video, and whatever other visual components you’re sharing. The quality of the image also makes it easier for a room full of people to view, taking in every detail. This means you can share more detailed images without worrying about them being grainy.

Simultaneous Translation

If your attendees are from global offices, incorporating simultaneous translation into your presentation can be hugely helpful. Simultaneous interpretation is a reliable option for bringing in remote parties when giving a presentation. Provide native-language messages through headsets so that every member of your audience is able to fully participate in your event. With fluid interpretation that allows your attendees to listen in their own language you leave no attendee behind.

Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous, so it might as well be put to good use. Many conferences, seminars, learning presentations and corporate meetups use social media technology to spread awareness of their brand and engage their attendees. Social media walls and live feed projections give event attendees their ‘five seconds of fame’ and get them excited about using their social media in a tangible way. It also allows them to share their ideas in a public forum, an example of using social media the way it was originally intended: for greater collaboration and communication.

Audience Response Service

Think, “Ask the Audience” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Audience response technology allows you to ask your audience questions and get their responses in real-time. This makes for a much more engaging presentation, but also makes your audience members feel like their voices are really being heard. Gathering popular opinion in the midst of a presentation can help you underscore the points you’re trying to drive home. It can also help you get a sense of how engaged your audience is, and whether further education on a particular matter might be helpful to them.

Technology advances have given us so many more presentation possibilities. Now, with so many different types of event technology available, you can be as creative as you want with your events. For more information about the latest trends in presentation equipment, call us at 1 800-868-6886 or contact us here.


Mobilier pour mise en scène : Nous pouvons transformer vos rêves scéniques en réalité!

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Saviez-vous que Freeman audiovisuel peut vous fournir des meubles pour divers types de présentation? Nous disposons d’un large éventail de tables différentes pour des réunions annuelles, des présentations techniques ou des discussions autour d’une table ronde.

Le Set Shop (une division de charpenterie scénique de Freeman audiovisuel située à Toronto) a les compétences et le talent nécessaires pour fabriquer des tables et des lutrins sur mesure pour répondre à vos besoins précis. La plupart des modèles peuvent être personnalisés de façon économique, avec le logo de l’entreprise ou le thème de la conférence.

Vous avez besoin d’un lutrin doté d’un podium fait avec des tonneaux? Peut-être avez-vous besoin d’une table modulaire pour tenir des discussions dans le cadre d’une conférence? Ou vous faut-il un meuble d’une marque précise pour un disc-jockey?

Certaines tables de présentation possèdent des réglettes d’éclairage contrôlées à l’aide d’un DMX qui peuvent impressionner un auditoire avec leurs effets colorés. Les plus grandes tables sont fabriquées avec des composants modulaires afin qu’elles puissent être démontées pour faciliter le transport.


Les services du Set Shop sont offerts partout en Amérique du Nord, à des prix abordables. Freeman audiovisuel travaillera dans les limites de votre budget, que ce soit pour adapter des éléments existants à vos besoins précis ou pour concevoir un lutrin de présentation personnalisé compatible avec vos ordinateurs de présentation dans le cadre d’une tournée comprenant de nombreuses villes. Consultez le gestionnaire de comptes de Freeman audiovisuel de votre région ou cliquez ici pour savoir comment nous pouvons monter la scène idéale pour votre prochain événement.

Staging Furniture: If You Can Dream It, We Can Scene It!

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Did you know that Freeman Audio Visual can offer your meeting specialized furniture for various types of presentations? We offer a number of in-stock tables in a wide array of designs for annual meetings, technical presentations and round-table discussions.

The Set Shop—Freeman Audio Visual’s scenic carpentry division based in Toronto—has the skill and talent to construct custom tables and lecterns to your specific needs and designs. Most can be customized economically with corporate logos or conference themes.

Need a lectern with a wine barrel base? Perhaps, you can use a modular sectional table for conference discussions? Or maybe a brand-specific counter for a DJ is what you’re looking for?

Some presentation tables feature DMX-controlled lighting strips that can dazzle a crowd with colourful lighting effects. Larger tables are constructed with modular components so they can be disassembled for easier transport.


The Set Shop services are available throughout North America and completely affordable.  Freeman Audio Visual will work within your budget to adapt existing pieces to meet your specific needs, or build a customized presentation lectern configured with your presentation computers for a multi-city road tour. Consult your Freeman Audio Visual Account Executive or click here to find how we can set the perfect scene for your next event.

Audio Visual for Your Next Event: 4 Tips For Success

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Ironing out the audio visual (AV) component of an event can be stressful for even the most seasoned event planner. The following are 4 tips to ensure your next event’s AV is a success.

Have a Vision

Whether you draw out a storyboard like an advertising executive or simply have an idea in your head, having a vision of how your event will play out is key. This vision should include the event’s content and cues, as well as themes and imagery–all of which will have a big influence on your AV needs. However, remember to be somewhat flexible and let your AV partner do what they do best. They will have trained professionals that know how to make your event spectacular based on your vision, venue, and budget.

And remember, you can reap benefits by thinking about post-event content distribution now as well. Capture high quality video recordings of your event, and you’ll have content you can leverage for years to come.

Know your budget

Knowing your budget from the outset is also essential. Your budget will influence the type of AV you can incorporate and the venue that will be appropriate. While you may not have the budget for a multi-million dollar production, advances in technology allow you to stretch your budget a lot further than ever before. Your AV partner will be able to recommend the best options for your budget.

If AV technology is like Greek to you, having a basic knowledge of how it works will help you understand what things cost and how to make your options more cost effective.

Engage your audience

Increased audience engagement will make your event more fun and interesting, as well as helping your audience retain information better. Make use of visuals to stimulate your audience, sounds to affect their emotion, and lighting to affect the mood of the venue. More advanced technology like live polling can be used for a unique interactive component to a presentation.

It’s also important to make your AV elements appeal specifically to your audience; a conference for Silicon Valley techies should be executed much differently than a conference for fitness enthusiasts.

Find the right AV Partner

Above all, make sure to find the right AV partner that will ensure your event’s AV is best in class. When courting potential partners, examine their history in presenting similar events, their history with your chosen venue, and their ability to give you a customized solution to fit your needs.

If all goes well with a chosen partner, consider building a strong relationship with them. Long-term AV partner relationships will give you piece of mind and make future events much easier to plan.

Looking for an AV Partner for your next event? Consider the expertise of Freeman Audio Visual. Contact us now at 1.800.868.6886 or request a quick quote by completing our online contact form.

4 Reasons to Choose Freeman Audio Visual For Your Next Event

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If you’re planning your next convention, corporate event, or trade show, you’ll need an audiovisual specialist you can trust. Not only that, you’ll want a partner that will make your event stand out—for all the right reasons.

Freeman Audio Visual offers a complete range of leading-edge audio visual (AV) solutions and presentation technology services to make your next event a success. The following are 4 reasons why you should choose Freeman Audio Visual for your next event.


Customization is key. Every event is unique, and AV solutions that are not precisely tailored to your specific needs are less than ideal. At best, generic solutions will fall short of their potential impact; at worst, they can cause problems.

Freeman Audio Visual works with you from day one to help you determine the best and most appropriate AV solutions for your event. Regardless of the nature or size of your event, we will ensure that your message is delivered to your audience according to your needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

There are more ways to communicate your message than ever before, and you need an AV partner who understands the changing technology and how to make the most of it.

With expert staff and innovative technology like ImaginAction, Freeman combines creativity with the latest audio, visual and décor solutions to communicate your message with style.

Customer Service

Planning an event—big or small—can be tough. Freeman wants to make your AV planning as easy as possible, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide uncompromising customer service.

Just ask our customers! Survey results showed a 96% satisfaction rating with praises for our dependability, superior knowledge, flexibility, value, and—you guessed it—customer service excellence.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important factor in event planning. Increased effort in this area will impress your guests and give you piece of mind knowing you’re doing your part to protect our planet.

Having established the Freeman Audio Visual Green Policy in March 2006, we continue to be environmental leaders in the AV industry by looking at our own environmental stamp and striving to diminish its impact.

Interested in working with Freeman Audio Visual for your next event? Contact us now at 1.800.868.6886 or request a quote by completing our online contact form.

Communicating with Video: Webcasting for nationwide reach… and beyond!

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For Freeman Audio Visual Canada, consistency in communication to our 600-plus employees across the country is mission-critical to our company’s success. However, quarterly face-to-face meetings are not always the most practical or cost-effective method of information distribution. Live webcasting is the simple solution we use to broadcast important updates, like new product demos, to employees at each of our 15 branches, as well as offsite staff, simultaneously.

The hosts of our recent September Product Day Webcast were filmed sitting at boardroom table inside our Toronto office with a basic drapery in the background. Utilizing our partner’s, Videoconference Solutions Inc., content distribution network (CDN), we opted for a single-window HD webcast using a switcher to overlay images of the presenters onto presentation slides (also known as picture-in-picture or PiP).

The benefit of a single-window webcast is that the footage can easily be posted to YouTube or Vimeo after the event. Meanwhile, at our offices, employees gathered at central locations to watch the webcast so that bandwidth use was minimal. An archived version is now available for future viewing by employees at their convenience.


La communication à l’ère de la vidéo : Webdiffusion

product day webcast clip

Pour Freeman audiovisuel Canada, maintenir des communications cohérentes avec tous nos employés — nous sommes plus de 600 au pays — est essentiel au succès de l’entreprise. Toutefois, les réunions trimestrielles en personne ne sont pas toujours le moyen le plus pratique ni le plus économique de transmettre de l’information. La webdiffusion en direct constitue une solution simple que nous utilisons pour tenir les employés de chacune de nos 15 succursales et le personnel hors site au courant des nouveautés importantes, comme les démonstrations de nouveaux produits. Les hôtes de notre récente webdiffusion du Jour du produit de septembre ont été filmés, assis autour d’une table de conférence à notre bureau de Toronto, avec un drapé classique à l’arrière-plan. Utilisant le réseau de distribution de contenu de notre partenaire, Videoconference Solutions Inc., nous avons opté pour une webdiffusion à une seule fenêtre HD avec un commutateur pour superposer les images des présentateurs sur les diapositives de la présentation (technique image sur image). L’avantage d’une webdiffusion à une seule fenêtre réside essentiellement dans la facilité de diffuser l’enregistrement sur YouTube ou Vimeo après l’événement. Au moment de la diffusion, dans chacun de nos bureaux, nos employés se sont regroupés à un seul endroit pour visionner le vidéoclip afin de réduire au minimum l’utilisation de la bande passante. Une version archivée de cette vidéo peut maintenant être visionnée par nos employés au moment qui leur convient.

The LED Experience

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Are you looking for the ultimate visual display to dazzle your attendees? LED panels are eye candy for exhibit hall and foyer applications. They have two basic uses: stack and arrange them in countless non-traditional patterns, or combine them to create one massive screen.

Freeman Audio Visual offers modular, flexible 6mm LED panels for indoor use at conventions and conferences. They are resistant to sunlight and brighter than LCD and plasma. In venues where there is high ambient light and projection is not practical, large high-brightness screens can be created using these panels.

Flown, ground supported or attached to truss, LED panels can also be used as animated décor elements to create a scenic effect that is not static but alive, using movement and colour to captivate your guests. Ask your Freeman Audio Visual Account Executive for more information on the LED experience.


Êtes-vous à la recherche d’une mise en place ultime pour impressionner les participants? Pour créer des effets visuels dans les salles d’exposition et les halls, les panneaux DEL sont la solution idéale. Ils servent essentiellement à deux usages : on peut les empiler et créer d’innombrables motifs non traditionnels ou les combiner et obtenir un écran imposant.

Pour des conventions et des conférences tenues à l’intérieur, Freeman audiovisuel propose des panneaux DEL modulaires et flexibles de 6 mm. Ils sont résistants au soleil et plus lumineux que les panneaux ACL et plasma. Dans les emplacements où la lumière ambiante est vive et la projection difficile, de grands écrans haute luminosité peuvent être créés en utilisant ces panneaux.

Suspendus, installés au sol ou fixés à une poutre, les panneaux DEL peuvent être utilisés aussi comme éléments de décors animés pour créer un effet scénique vivant, non statique, en utilisant le mouvement et les couleurs pour captiver les invités. Veuillez communiquer avec votre gestionnaire de comptes Freeman audiovisuel pour obtenir plus de renseignements sur l’expérience DEL.