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The Benefits of LG Video Walls for Business

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Video walls are now used to present commercial material across a range of environments. From trade shows to product unveilings, video walls have quickly become one of the best ways to engage audiences and provide comprehensive information in an entertaining format. In this new post, our team explores the value LG video walls can bring to your business and its upcoming events.

Ultra-Thin Bezel

The ultra-thin .044 mm even bezel used within LG video walls makes all content pop on the screen and provides a life-like appeal that will transfix audiences. One of the reasons video walls are used throughout the entertainment industry is that the ultra-thin bezel makes the content appear without any distortions to the original image, helping to completely immerse the audience in the content.

Wider Viewing Angles

Across an environment such as a trade show floor, it often becomes important for businesses to captivate audiences at unique angles to the content. If the content cannot reach this audience, then the value of the screen is limited. However, those using LG video walls for their business can now achieve exceptionally wide viewing angles. The use of the LG IPS panel technology helps ensure content can be viewed more easily from all viewing angles, capturing greater attention at events.

Higher Viewing Angles

The need to present content across higher viewing angles is also critical for many business events. For example, a company unveiling their new product as part of an event at an auditorium will require those in the box seats to have just as good a view of the content as those in the orchestra seating level. The latest video walls from LG present crystal clear content to each member of the audience, with higher viewing angles limiting the distortion to those seeing the content from above.

High Scalability

One of the great advantages of the latest LG video walls is they can give software developers the chance to produce their own content for display at events. The built-in WebOS smart signage platform helps products such as the 55SVH7E execute various tasks at once, ensuring that software teams have complete control over the scale and style of the content showcased. In addition, the content can be produced without the need for an additional media player, simplifying the process of showcasing content for event management teams and those in control of the video wall on event day.

Reduced Image Gap

Perhaps one of the most common gripes associated with video walls is the black lines that separate the various boxes forming the wall. These black lines can interrupt the view of the audience and may take away from the return on investment of the content producer. The latest video walls from LG work to limit this issue with a reduced image gap. Working with an image improvement algorithm reduces the gaps between the tiled displays when video playback is in process. The audience sees a cleaner image that resonates with them.

Consistent Colour Expression

Another common issue associated with video walls is the lack of a uniform and consistent colour throughout the entire display. In some walls, the sides of the tiles bleed colour, which leads to a darker appearance around the edges, and limits the quality of the finished product. But the latest LG video walls are designed for consistent colour expression. The video walls display vivid colours, even in the corner space near the bevels, ensuring that promotional content is crisp, clear, and well-received.

Content Flexibility

One of the reasons many are now choosing LG video walls is that the systems provide true content flexibility. Teams can display various styles of content at the same time on screen. For businesses presenting related content, material such as graphs and charts can be shown alongside video at events to show the progress the company is making within the industry, while also highlighting product features. Companies can also choose to stream content in real-time to their video walls, keeping audiences at the leading edge of developments.

User-Friendly Menus

Presenters operating the video wall have to be given full control at the event. This is achieved by adopting user-friendly menus that can easily be utilized while the event is ongoing. Similar actions are grouped together within the unit so that presenters know where to go within the menus without interrupting the presentation.

Simple Adjustment

A leading challenge for those creating presentations for a large audience is adjusting pictures so the images can be optimized for all viewers. A great advantage of the LG video wall is that the system is designed for simple colour and white balance adjustment. The latest systems allow for full grey-scale level adjustment to the white balance so that colours are blended more effectively within the content.

Why Turn to Freeman AV for LG Video Walls?

It’s clear that LG video walls represent the next innovation in the video presentation marketplace. Our team at Freeman AV are leading this industry and providing our clients across the market with a range of options designed to help respond to their unique demands. Below are several reasons to turn to our company for your LG video walls:

  • Experience

Our experience in the industry means we can provide you with the best video wall system for your event. We can work with you to assess your requirements and choose systems that fit with your event objectives and your budgetary parameters.

  • Technology

Our understanding of the latest technology means you can impress all audiences with the video walls offered through our team. We can help you to set up your displays within any venue and ensure your presenting team has a clear understanding of the technology’s functionality.

  • Support

We’ll be with you throughout your events to support you in using the video wall. If you have any questions about your system’s performance, you can turn to us at any time for answers. It’s a level of support that ensures the success of your events.

To learn more about Freeman AV and our company’s services, call us today.





CES 2019 Trends and Innovative Tech

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CES 2019 Trends and Innovative Tech

By Victor Paan

National Director, Digital Innovation

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) provided a scope and scale of technology that had a common thread. Ai and 5G provided the foundation that powers smarter TVs, smarter homes, smarter cities, and the vehicles that will navigate them. The future is here. Below are a few of the biggest trends we noticed at this year’s CES.

Screens: Flat, Roll-up and Holographic Displays

A few of the trends we observed when it came to screens included the roll-up OLED screen that, not unlike Saran Wrap, rolls up and back into a long rectangular box. Its pure futuristic eye candy design holds promise for live event activations as it’s space efficient, easily portable, and overall awe inspiring technology.

Mostly every brand that offers flat panel displays on the show floor featured 8K LED screens. These screens have beautiful detail and colour that would allow PIPs over High Res backgrounds to be displayed at a high resolution, whether 4K content or HD 1080 content.

Although not something that is defined as a ‘screen’, HYPERVSN’s 3D Holographic Display System provided a wow-factor via their new LED rotor units.  Upgraded in size and framerate, the new units are breathtaking and provide an extremely crisp hologram.  A showstopper.  Along with a new customer portal to easily turn 2D content into 3D content for these displays, makes jumping onboard with this technology an easy uptake.

Headset advancements and eye tracking

A much subdued presence at CES this year.  Some headset advancements of note are to do with ocular tracking.  The HTC Vive Pro Eye adds eye tracking that allows users to control in-game experiences using eye-movements.  This also allows developers to track what users are attracted to and spending time looking at within an experience, providing user data that can enhance future development of products/designs through the VR tech.

To take this further, the company responsible for developing the aforementioned eye tracking, Tobii allows for this type of eye movement capture for any digital assets seen on a screen.  Stakeholders can obtain data on user’s habits as to what they focus on during a browse of a soon-to-be-launched website or service.

Compounding this, and providing a use case for the events industry, is the ability for individuals to wear glasses that track what an attendee’s eyes are drawn to while, say, walking an exhibit floor or a creative staging setup.  This data can provide insights towards best practices on brand and design elements; honing the process in how designers deliver on realized projects.

Ai (and the IoT) in action!

If VR & AR were the buzzwords of recent years past, Ai was the newly crowned monarch of CES 2019.  Everything from TVs that ascertain what you are watching and adjust picture and sound settings to match the experience, to smart home appliances powered by your favourite voice assistant that communicate and learn together, Ai was everywhere.  The real shift in the idea of what Ai means to the masses is that no longer are we expected to adapt to the technology, rather, the technology is shifting to a model that adapts itself to each of us and the context of our experiences.

Robotics, from a concierge standpoint, remained stagnant for the most part.  Designs felt either overly stylized (read ‘cute’) or were downright creepy. The rush towards 5G connectivity is absolutely being driven by the onset of Ai and the Internet of Things.  All of this connectivity will only benefit from the accelerated speeds and bandwidth of 5G… which is really what the hype is all about; more things online, faster!

Victor Paan
Freeman Audio Visual Canada
Director of Digital Services

Victor Paan is Director of Digital Services for Freeman Audio Visual Canada. Since joining Freeman in 2002, Victor has worked diligently for his clients, advancing his career from a delivery technician role to his current position as the Director of Digital Services. In this capacity, he draws on his technical and sales experience to support Freeman’s teams and clients in integrating state-of-the-art event solutions that will transform, grow, and extend the world of live engagements.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Creative Event Producer, Toronto Branch

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toronto projection mapping

Details of main functions:
•    Responsible for identifying, targeting and acquiring new and profitable accounts.  May also include selling to strategic accounts as assigned.  The role includes selling directly to end users and through the existing sales structure in a supportive role.
•    Provides a detailed understanding of creative design, projection, and immersive technology to counsel clients on best practices and incorporating innovative technologies in groundbreaking audio-visual staging events.
•    Sells overall event concepts that include all our capabilities, Sets, Creative, Lighting, etc.
•    Collaborate with strategy, sales and design teams to determine project approach establish design parameters based on opportunity, time frame and budget.Interface with client , AE, all sub-contractors and Hotel personnel, etc, as required
•    Act as lead design ambassador to major corporate account clients by fostering ideas through strategic design methods based on the client’s communication and expectations. Complete all post event  documentation & reports and conduct debriefs as required
•    Develop a genuine understanding of the client’s brand, products, needs and objectives, as well as the motivations behind customers’ buying decisions

Requirements / Profile:
•    At least 5 years of successful experience in B2B sales
•    Knowledge of  all types of Audio Visual equipment and services
•    Excellent oral and written communication skills.
•    Strong interpersonal and organisational skills.
•    Undergraduate university education or equivalent business experience
•    Computer literate with advance MS office skills
•    Local, regional travel required.

Interested individuals should submit a current resume with a cover letter to:
Romeo Loparco – Personal & Confidential
RE:  Creative Event Producer, Toronto


OPPORTUNITÉ DE CARRIÈRE, Concepteur de productions évènementielles, Succursale de Toronto

toronto projection mapping

Description de tâches principales:
•    Responsable de l’identification, le ciblage et l’acquisition de nouveaux comptes rentables. Peut aussi inclure la vente à des comptes stratégiques qui lui sont confiées. Le rôle consiste à vendre directement aux utilisateurs finaux et à travers la structure de vente existante dans un rôle de soutien
•    Fournit une compréhension détaillée de la conception créative, de la projection et de la technologie immersive pour conseiller les clients sur les meilleures pratiques en intégrant des technologies innovantes à l’inauguration des événements de mise en scène audio-visuels
•    Propose concepts globaux d’événements qui incluent toutes nos capacités, plateaux, services créatifs, éclairage, etc.
•    Collaborer avec les équipes de vente et de conception afin de déterminer l’approche projet à établir les paramètres de conception basée sur l’occasion, le calendrier et budget. Etre de face avec le client, GC, tous les sous-traitants et le personnel de l’hôtel, etc., selon les besoins
•    Agir en tant que concepteur ambassadeur aux clients d’envergure en favorisant les idées par des méthodes de conception stratégiques fondées sur la communication avec le client et ses attentes. Complete tous les documents et rapports  post événement, incluant débriefings au besoin
•    Développer une véritable compréhension de la marque, des produits, des besoins et des objectifs du client, ainsi que les motivations derrière les décisions d’achat des clients

Exigences / profil:
•    Au moins 5 ans d’expérience réussie dans la vente B2B
•    Connaissances des équipements et du service de Freeman audiovisuel
•    Excellente communication orale et écrite
•    Fortes compétences interpersonnelles et très bon sens de l’organisation.
•    formation universitaire de premier cycle ou expérience professionnelle équivalente
•    Connaissances en informatique.
•    Capable de travailler de façon indépendante avec un minimum de supervision.
•    Voyagement local, régional nécessaire.

Romeo Loparco – Personnel et confidentiel
RE : Concepteur de productions évènementielles, Toronto

Freeman Audio Visual gets EPIC in Ottawa with Jeff Hurt!

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With the goal of transforming and extending the world of live engagements, Freeman Audio Visual Ottawa partnered with leading meetings industry authority Jeff Hurt to host a half-day learning workshop at the Ottawa Marriott for 60 of Freeman’s top clients. The overarching theme of the event was EPIC, an acronym which represented Hurt’s four event success principles: Experiential; Participatory; Image-driven; and Connexity.

With Hurt’s PowerPoint presentation as a guide, our Creative Services team produced an image-driven environment designed to encourage information retention among audience members. Similar to the scheme of the Periodic Table of Elements, each letter in the word EPIC was given its own colour and two-letter symbol. While two traditional widescreens hanging at the front of the stage displayed the bulk of Hurt’s PowerPoint presentation, three centre LED columns and bordering projection-mapped 3D cubes accentuated each of the four EPIC event success principles with their periodic table representations as Hurt discussed them.

“The EPIC meeting was educational and brought new energy to the thought process,” noted an audience member in a thank-you letter to the Ottawa branch. Click here for a Storified recap of #freemanepic in Ottawa!


C’était EPIC pour Freeman audiovisuel à Ottawa avec Jeff Hurt !

Fidèle à son objectif de transformer et de faire grandir le monde de la participation en direct, Freeman audiovisuel Ottawa s’est joint à Jeff Hurt , une sommité dans l’industrie des congrès, pour tenir un atelier d’une demi-journée au Ottawa Marriott pour 60 clients importants de Freeman. Le thème central de l’événement était l’acronyme « EPIC », qui résume les quatre caractéristiques à la base du succès d’un événement selon M. Hurt : Expérientialité, Participation, Imagerie, Connexité.

En suivant la logique de la présentation de Jeff Hurt, nos services créatifs ont produit un environnement axé sur l’imagerie, conçu pour favoriser la rétention d’information chez les participants. Imitant le schéma du tableau périodique des éléments, chaque concept formant le mot EPIC était associé à une couleur et un symbole à deux lettres. Pendant que Jeff Hurt parlait et que deux grands écrans suspendus à l’avant de la scène affichaient la majeure partie de sa présentation, trois colonnes centrales à DEL et des cubes tridimensionnels de mapping vidéo situés aux extrémités accentuaient chacune des quatre caractéristiques EPIC faisant le succès d’un événement et leur représentation en tableau périodique.

« L’atelier EPIC était éducatif et a apporté une nouvelle énergie à notre réflexion », a noté l’un des participants dans sa lettre de remerciement à la succursale d’Ottawa. Cliquez pour un aperçu de l’atelier EPIC d’Ottawa sur les réseaux sociaux.

Innovations from Freeman Audio Visual Canada Creative Services: Colour Motion

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Freeman Audio Visual Canada’s Creative Services department is always looking for new ways to be innovative. Colour Motion was custom designed by the team using Pandora’s Box, a camera, a custom table, LED lighting fixtures, and a bit of programming.

“In our ongoing research in interactive technology, this is just one example of how we’ve been able to input information from some kind of sensor, and then use that information in real-time to change other elements that could be used as part of a stage setup,” explained Derek Anderson, Director of Freeman Audio Visual Canada Digital Services.

“In this case, the input was colour information from a simple webcam that was translated into the required commands, and then fed into standard lighting fixtures that changed to match the colour.”

This kind of technology allows for on-the-fly changes to occur at an event that do not have to be scripted, hence producing authentic interaction with what is taking place on stage.

“The inputs can pretty much be anything you can measure,” added Anderson, “This could be color, as seen in this video, physical position of an object or a person, arm gestures, etc. The options are endless.”

Technology Update: Creative Services Broadcasts Live from the NAB Show

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Members of the Freeman Audio Visual Canada Creative Services team flew south to Las Vegas last month to attend the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. The tradeshow attracts nearly 100,000 attendees from around the world representing the broadcast, digital media, film, entertainment, telecom industries and more.

What happened in Vegas certainly didn’t stay there, as Creative Services documented the latest technology trends displayed on the show floor in this short video report. Enjoy!

Mise à jour sur la technologie : Les Services créatifs diffusent en direct du NAB Show

Des membres de l’équipe des Services créatifs de Freeman audiovisuel Canada se sont rendus à Las Vegas le mois dernier pour assister au salon annuel de la National Association of Broadcasters. L’événement a attiré des quatre coins du globe près de 100 000 personnes actives dans les domaines de la diffusion, des médias numériques, du cinéma, du divertissement, des télécommunications et plus encore.

Ce qui s’est passé à Vegas n’est pas resté à Vegas toutefois, car les Services créatifs ont documenté les nouvelles tendances technologiques vues au salon dans cette courte vidéo. Jetez-y un coup d’œil !

Event Staging Highlights from APCHQ Gala Domus

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APCHQ – Montreal Region represents more than 4,500 members of the construction and home improvement industry. Held annually, the Domus Gala pays tribute to the best achievements in the field. For the 32nd annually awards ceremony held at the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure, and produced by Mario Turcotte at Inverness Video, Freeman Audio Visual provided a massive display surface to give 500 guests immersive, true-to-life representations of the industry’s most excellent and innovative construction projects. Six 10K Christie projectors, a Spyder video processor, and ImaginAction™ — our multimedia offering that combines several projectors and display devices to produce widescreen images — were combined to display a myriad of content onto 100’ of white drape which hung at the front of the room from floor to ceiling, among two 9’x16’ borderless screens utilized for video playback and picture-in-picture views. Our Creative Services department produced animated backgrounds and integrated the producer’s footage seamlessly into the show.


Mise en scène d’événements : Gala Domus de l’APCHQ

L’APCHQ de la région du Montréal métropolitain compte plus de 4 500 membres de l’industrie de la construction et de la rénovation domiciliaire. Tenu annuellement, le Gala Domus rend hommage aux meilleures réalisations dans le domaine du bâtiment. Pour la 32e cérémonie annuelle de remise de prix, tenue à l’hôtel Hilton Bonaventure de Montréal et produite par Mario Turcotte et Inverness Vidéo, Freeman audiovisuel a créé une gigantesque surface d’affichage afin de plonger les 500 invités dans une infographie immersive qui présentait fidèlement les projets les plus innovants et les plus réussis de l’industrie. Six projecteurs Christie 10K, un processeur vidéo Spyder et ImaginActionMC — notre solution multimédia qui combine plusieurs projecteurs et divers écrans pour produire un affichage surdimensionné — ont été réunis pour afficher une myriade de contenus sur un rideau blanc de 100 pi suspendu à l’avant sur toute la hauteur de la salle, entouré de deux écrans sans cadre de 9 pi sur 16 pi, utilisés pour la projection vidéo et l’incrustation d’images. Notre équipe des Services créatifs a produit des fonds animés et intégré de manière fluide le matériel visuel du producteur.

Event Staging: RE/MAX Integra Awards

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When 150 of RE/MAX’s top sales producers walked into the ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel, they were greeted by a peculiar round stage positioned in the centre of the room and encircled by a silk curtain. Once attendees took their seats, the lightweight fabric fell to dramatically reveal two twin harp players on stage. At the front of the room, a projection surface comprised of a seamless 16’x36’ white material stretched across a custom aluminum box-tube frame displayed a multimedia presentation, designed by our Creatives Services team, highlighting RE/MAX’s highest achievers. Demonstrating a Spring theme, LED lights were utilized to project cherry blossoms around the room, complementing the cherry blossoms that were painted and uplit on the ballroom wall. Several other lighting effects were used to enhance the environment, performers and speakers. “Thank you for your efforts in making yet another event a fabulous success,” said a RE/MAX representative. “We had a room full of very high-end clients that were blown away.”


Mise en scène d’événements : Prix RE/MAX Integra

Lorsque 150 des meilleurs vendeurs de l’agence immobilière RE/MAX sont entrés dans la salle de bal de l’hôtel Quatre Saisons, ils ont trouvé une étrange scène ronde entourée d’un rideau de soie qui occupait le centre de la salle. Une fois tous les participants assis, ce léger rideau est tombé, révélant soudain la présence de deux harpistes jumelles . À l’avant de la salle, un écran de tissu blanc d’une seule pièce, mesurant 16 pi sur 36 pi et tendu sur un châssis en tubulure d’aluminium, offrait à tous les regards une projection multimédia conçue par notre équipe des Services créatifs et mettant en vedette les agents RE/MAX les plus performants. Illustrant un thème printanier, des ampoules DEL projetaient, tout autour de la pièce, des fleurs de cerisier, qui complétaient l’effet créé par d’autres fleurs de cerisier peintes et illuminées sur le mur de la salle. Divers autres effets d’éclairage rehaussaient le décor et mettaient en valeur les lauréats et les conférenciers. « Merci de vos efforts qui, encore une fois, ont transformé un événement en fabuleux succès », de dire un représentant de RE/MAX. « La salle était remplie de clients très importants qui n’en croyaient pas leurs yeux. »

Technical & Staging Overview of Freeman Audio Visual's EPIC Customer Event Featuring Jeff Hurt

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Freeman Audio Visual Toronto invited customers to an “EPIC” half-day learning workshop at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre hosted by leading meetings industry authority Jeff Hurt. The event was a perfect opportunity to show off some of the latest AV trends. Portraying a diamond theme, a custom-built diamond-shaped stage with LED-lined stairs protruded into the audience. Freeman Audio Visual designed a centre display with 70 LED tiles supported by truss towers. Flanking the LED display, 9×16 HD screens were used for presentation content and a Twitter wall display during breaks. On either side of the stage, scenic cubes were stacked and projection mapped with branded imaging and custom graphics using a 10,000-lumen LCD projector. Black draping was hung in the background and uplit to add depth to the overall 3D effect. Click here for a Storified recap of the event!



Événement EPIC pour clients de Freeman audiovisuel, avec Jeff Hurt

Freeman audiovisuel Toronto a invité des clients à un atelier EPIC d’une demi-journée et au Palais des congrès du Toronto métropolitain avec le maître incontesté de l’industrie des réunions, Jeff Hurt. Cette activité a aussi été l’occasion parfaite de braquer les projecteurs sur les dernières tendances en audiovisuel. Inspirée du thème du diamant, une scène en forme de losange prolongée par des escaliers rehaussés de DEL s’avançait jusque dans l’assistance. Freeman audiovisuel avait créé un espace central constitué de 70 panneaux de DEL fixés à des arches-supports et entouré d’écrans HD de 9 pi sur 16 pi. Les présentations y étaient projetées pendant les conférences et remplacées par un affichage mural Twitter pendant les pauses. De chaque côté de la scène, une succession de logos et d’éléments visuels conçus pour l’occasion s’affichaient sur d’élégants cubes au moyen d’un projecteur LCD de 10 000 lumens. Le fond était tendu de rideaux noirs éclairés par le bas pour ajouter à l’effet 3D de l’ensemble. Cliquez ici pour un récapitulatif détaillée de l’événement !

AV Highlights from CSAE 2014 National Conference & Showcase

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Granted the creative freedom to showcase a high-impact, reasonably-priced, General Session look for the association industry event of the year, Freeman Audio Visual combined tried-and-true staging elements with ultra-modern projection techniques. Illustrating the essence of the conference, ‘Naturally Inspired’, our Creative Services team of video and digital specialists collaborated with our exceptional in-house crew of set designers and builders to paint an elegant glass-block wall surface with vibrant panoramic video and animated themed imagery.


Congrès national et exposition de la SCDA 2014

Ayant reçu carte blanche pour donner une allure de session générale à fort impact et à prix raisonnable à l’événement annuel de l’industrie des associations, Freeman audiovisuel a combiné des éléments de scène éprouvés et des techniques de projection ultramodernes. Illustrant le thème de la conférence, « Inspiration naturelle », notre équipe créative de spécialistes en technologies vidéo et numérique a collaboré avec notre exceptionnelle équipe de conception et de construction de décors pour animer une élégante surface murale en blocs de verre avec des vidéos panoramiques époustouflantes et des animations thématiques.